Exploring the Inspirational Mexican Scenery

Two exhibitions at the Embassy of Mexico

October 04th, 2019
Milena Zarkovic, News from Berlin
20191004_Exploring the Inspirational Mexican Scenery.jpg

The Mexican Embassy held two exhibitions at the Culture Institute to acquaint the public with the connections between a German philosopher and the Mexican scenery, as well as with the current trends in Mexican photography.

There are currently two interesting exhibitions in the Embassy of Mexico. The exhibition En busca de la medida del Cosmos: viajes y encuentros con Humboldt was open to visitors from 21st September until 29th November, whereas the exhibition Zu-Fall can be visited from 26th September until 25th October.

En busca de la medida del Cosmos: viajes y encuentros con Humboldt offers its visitors the chance to explore the thinking process of one of Germany’s most important philosophers through an unconventional manner, visually through paintings. The exhibition portrays the places which Alexander von Humboldt visited during his travels in Mexico, which in turn inspired the development of philosophical and scientific trends of his time, that later shaped the evolution of scientific thought and laid out the foundations of the world as we know it today. The findings of the German scientist shine bright within the context of the Mexican scenery.

The other exhibition invites the visitors to delve deeper into themselves by observing the realm of chance as a function of emptiness in the form of photographs produced by various artists. The name of the exhibition reflects the two main ideas behind the artistic display: chance and fall. The different artistic perspectives explore the notion of the void through structures and bodies situated in the Mexican surroundings, thus inciting the visitor to get more acquainted with the contemporary trends in Mexican photography. The universality of the modern-day feeling of emptiness transcends the Mexican scenery and has the potential to reach an international public.


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