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Exhibition Showcasing Norway’s Nature to be Unveiled at Berlin’s Kunstsommer

Norwegian artist, David Koldstad, presents his Nordic landscapes at the Berlin Humboldt Carré Conference and Events Centre

August 17th, 2016
Daniel Erhardt, News from Berlin
As part of the “Kunstsommer” (“Art Summer”) exhibition at Berlin’s Humboldt Carré Conference and Events Centre, Norwegian artist, David Kolstad, presents some of his earlier paintings, as well as more recent works. The exhibition opened on August 3rd and will continue until August 24th. The highlight is a work of art that the artist will develop during the course of the exhibition.

The painting in question is a ten-meter long canvas which will be sold by-the-meter on the final day of the exhibition, on August 24th, at the private event, “Art b(u)y Meter”. There art lovers will be able to acquire at least a piece of the work which they saw created in front of their eyes; a unique cultural experience.

The artist, David Kolstad was born in 1974 and has recently grown in popularity, both in his home country, Norway, as well as internationally. His paintings are inspired by the Nordic landscapes and combine nature, climate features and their emotional impact in a heady blend of semi-abstraction. The use of bold colors creates a particular tension between figuration and abstraction of spaces such as the sky and the open sea.

The paintings displayed in the current exhibition depict impressive views of landscapes across the artist’s homeland, Norway, in addition to Denmark and northern Germany. They allow the viewer to take an artistic trip of discovery through somewhat dark, but reflective quasi-impressionist sceneries of crude Nordic nature, deeply embedded within the cultures of the country.

An example of the artistic outcome these impressions produce can therefore be seen in the painting created by David Kolstad during the course of the exhibition, in this unique experience of interpersonal cultural diplomacy. The artist will continue to develop his work this week at the Humboldt Carré venue, working daily between 1pm and 7pm until the exhibition closes on Wednesday 24th. The exhibition is held with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway.


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