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Exhibition: Portraits of Men over 50 - Photographs by Riitta Supperi

April 25th, 2014

News from Berlin - An exhibition within the satellite program ‘COOL2014 Guest of Honour’ at the Frankfurt Book Fair Finland 2014 will take place at Berlin’s Finnish Institute from May 7th to June 27th.

What do Finnish men do at the age of 50? What are their dreams and desires, and how can they be realized in the 21st century in Finland?

The author of this exhibition, Riitta Supperis, is a board member of the Association of Finnish Suomen Lehtikuvaajat press photographers and Vice-President of the Central Association of Finnish Photography Finn photo. She was born in 1974, worked as a photographer before her career as an art director. Talking about her work she said that she examined the role of regular Finnish men in their 50, who are quite invisible in the media. Politicians and entrepreneurs from the same age group, however, are always visible.

Riitta Supperi's series of portraits of 50 + deal with simplicity and respect about Finnish men. The milieu portraits were photographed in different corners of Finland, treat the life and turning points of life "average" men aged 50 to 59 years.

Her exhibition attracted 50 + in Finland as part of their presentation at the Museum of Photography in Helsinki with a great public attention.

The Finnish Institute promotes the exhibition. The Institute became Finland’s first cultural embassy in German-speaking countries in 1994. It works on several projects with artists and academics, placing a special emphasis on the development of new content, new disciplines, in collaboration with partners from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Finland.

The event will take place at Finnish Institute, George Street 24, 10117 Berlin. Mon 10-17 o’clock, Tue - Thu 11-19 o’clock, Fri 9-15 o’clock .
Friday 30.05. closed

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