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Exhibition of Art Gypsie… Pas grave

Suisse Marocain presents a private viewing of an artistic exhibition under the inspiration of Madagascar

July 07th, 2017
Nadine Dinh, News from Berlin
2017_07_07 Exhibition Art Gypsie.jpg

David Hardy also called Suisse Marocain presents an exhibition at the Galerie Kai Dikhas in Berlin from June 10th to September 2nd 2017. For this cultural activity, David Hardy has invited several artists who share the same attraction to Madagascar.

Suisse Marocain is well-known in Paris through his personal “Musée d’Igor Balut”. He creates images, drawings, collages and travel tales. His interest in everything and nothing makes him call himself the “King of Nothingness” but his constant works show a resistance to our sometimes rational, pecuniary and nationalist world.

His drawing portrays his observations of the world and makes it his own world, a world in which being different is no longer a controversial discussion but a factual and self-evident reality.

David Hardy has many objects in his “Musée d’Igor Balut” which originated from Madagascar. He showed profound interest for this tropical island located in the Indian Ocean, which is virtually a separate continent and a melting point of different cultures.

For the exhibition of “ART GYPSIE… Pas grave” he invited dedicated artists for whom Madagascar also means “inspiration”: Pierrot Men, Stefano Alaimo, Ralf Marsault, Edition Martial, David Weiss et Xhi et M'aa. The private viewing had Cyra Brinker a fashion designer presenting her very first collection.

Suisse Marocain decided to donate its share of the sales to the Madagascan school: Finoana. The Theresia-Zander Foundation will also participate in this donation.

The Embassy of Madagascar in Berlin promotes this cultural and artistic exhibition in which David Hardy and other artists preach the openness of cultural differences and love for this country.



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