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Exhibition "Light is Like Water" in Berlin from Brazil

The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin brings to the city an exhibition with a special guest to it, the umbrella

May 17th, 2016

The Brazilian Embassy, as a part of its Cultural Agenda for May 2016, presents the exhibition created by Sciacco Studio, an art studio based in São Paulo, Brazil, created in 2013.

This is the third edition of the project, and the opening was on May 13th, Friday, from 7pm to 10pm. The exhibition is presented at the Galerie Forum Berlin am Meer. The artists involved in the work are twenty, being especially relevant in the artwork the presence of umbrellas as the main content of the exhibition, accompanying the umbrellas to the various arts on display, including sculpture, photography and painting.

“Light is like water” is the name that the artists had thought based on the title of Gabriel García Márquez’s story, in which two brothers go beyond the limits of the possible and the impossible, within a fantastic universe, where the light gushes and where they navigate and float. Just like the two boys navigate through the light, as it was water, the artists, of any age, immerse in deep seas and come back to the surface to float in the light of the dreams, materialized in art.

The umbrellas displayed in the exhibition, are limited edition, and were delivered with them to their buyers, with a certificate, signed and numbered by the artist.

With the "Raining Art" project we looked for connections. The power of the image, of art and of the written language going around in umbrellas.

For this edition, searching for a new connections,we came across the story "Light is Like Water", by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, part of the book "Strange Pilgrims", and found inspiration for a new link.

We can enjoy this great work in Berlin until May 21th, thanks to the Brazilian Embassy.


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Carlota Auzmendi, Berlin Global