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Exhibition at the Nordic Embassy: ‘Create with Aarhus’

January 09th, 2014

Collaboration and Participation Across Nationalities

Not only Aarhus, but also Berlin is facing the urban challenges. ‘Create with Aarhus’ has provided an opportunity to exchange urban development ideas.


News from Berlin. From 22 November 2013 to 6January 2014, the Nordic Embassy in Berlin showed the exhibition ‘Create with Aarhus’ on the urban development of a Nordic metropolis.

What to do with old urban industrial sites? How can you expand a city without creating soulless satellites? Questions which one would ask in Aarhus, Europe’s Cultural Capital in 2017. Denmark’s second largest city has responded to those questions with ambitious sustainable future plans. Will the city succeed? The exhibition in the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassy showed the challenges with which the city has to cope.

Aarhus not only focuses on sustainability in ecological terms, but also in social and cultural terms. It is important that the urban space serves the needs of a wide range of users.

Not only Aarhus, but also Berlin is facing the urban challenges. Both are post-industrial cities, which have to implement the modern technological developments in their urban structures. ‘Create with Aarhus’ has sought to encourage the exchange of urban development ideas.

At the heart of the exhibition was the collaboration and participation across nationalities and across individuals.

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