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Exhibition at the Lithuanian Embassy

The Lithuanian embassy in Berlin is hosting an exhibition by Almyros Weigel-Bartkeviciute

March 25th, 2015

On March 24th the Lithuanian embassy in Berlin organized and opened an exhibition of textile installations by emerging artist Almyros Weigel-Bartkeviciute. The exhibition, called “Newspapers and other threads”, will be on display until April 15th. The public can enjoy the artworks from 6 pm until 8 pm every weeknight.

Lithuanian artist Almyros Weigel-Bartkeviciute is currently living in Berlin. At present, she has two separate exhibitions on display – one at the Lithuanian embassy and another in Lithuania, both until the end of April. The artist is significantly rising in popularity and is due to have another exhibition in Berlin starting from June. Almyra Weigel is a contemporary artist, dedicated to covering and focusing on modern social issues in her artwork. She is constantly looking for ways to solve different issues through the use of multiple techniques. In her pieces, she tries to relate to modern difficulties whilst maintaining traditional techniques and crafts.

Weigel was born in Prienuose and studied textiles. From 2001 she was teaching at VDA Kaunas Art Institute, however she now lives and works in Germany. She is involved in important group exhibitions, has held solo exhibitions and led creative workshops. Almyra Weigel is also curates exhibitions organized by the Lithuanian Textile Art Presentations. These exhibitions are particularly valuable for managing activities of the Lithuanian textile dissemination outside of Lithuania.

The exhibition aims to cover themes from the information and media world and tangled threads. The public will be able to see artworks that explore situations of Multilanguage and multiculturalism that we experience in the present. Here, you are invited to explore how information and knowledge flows in abundance into every direction in a beautifully artistic way. 


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