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Exhibition at the Hungarian Embassy

The Embassy of Hungary will be presenting gems of the Kempinski Corvinius Collection

October 04th, 2018
Andrea Kacirova, News from Berlin
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Kempinski Hotel Corvinius is not just a hotel in Budapest. It has always played a significant role in Hungarian culture, as it is filled with huge collection of contemporary art made by Hungarian artists. Now, the most valuable pieces will be presented at the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin.

Kempinski Hotel Corvinius, opened in 1992, was the first five-star luxury hotel in Budapest. The Hotel was devoted to redefining modern meaning of luxury. From the beginning, the Kempinski Hotel Corvinius was a promoting culture, which was rather unusual in the hotel industry and among Hungarian art collectors at the time the Kempinski Corvinus art collection was created.

When the collection was set up in the 1990s, the focus was initially more on traditional-classical works, but at the turn of the millennium, interest increasingly shifted to young artists. They form the focus of the collection today. Kempinski Hotel Corvinius was opened during the period of social and intellectual reform in Hungary.

The exhibition is organized by the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Kempinski Hotel Corvinius Budapest. The hotel has been associated with culture since its opening. The decision to spend 1% of the hotel income on art let to more than 1,000 artworks including paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings, featured in the rooms and public areas. The hotel remains collecting the art and managing its Gallery to present talented Hungarian artists till nowdays.

The exhibition will be open to the public everyday (Monday to Thursday 8:00-16:30, Friday 8:00-14:00) from September 12 to November 18, 2018. Free entrance will be provided to everyone with valid ID. There will be shown art works of Antal Ligeti, Valér Ferenczy, Béla Kádár, Ádám Farkas, Pál Gerzson, Árpád Müller and Ernő Fischer.


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