Exhibition About Israel’s History Stops In Berlin

1948 deals with the historical events leading to the founding of the nation

May 09th, 2019
Kristina Bör, News from Berlin
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The exhibition tells the history prior and up to the founding of the nation of Israel on 14. May 1948.

After opening in Oldenburg earlier this year and making stops in Munich and Hamburg among other cities, the exhibition 1948 can now be visited at the city hall Berlin-Charlottenburg. 32 display boards, that were put together by a group of historians, political scientist and experts of the Middle-East, illustrate the developments and convey the historical context.

Additionally, the DIG Berlin und Brandenburg (German Israeli Society) is showing the movie “Hummus” Fridays at 6pm. The documentary follows three different people in Israel, whose personal history is in connected to the popular dish.

Naturally, the exhibition’s purpose and display has also drawn some criticism, from Palestine solidarity clubs like the “Palästina-Solidarität,” who are calling it unscientific and badly researched. They even created guides for each of the display boards with further researched information.

Considering the very sensitive content of the exhibition due to the enduring conflict between Israel and Palestine, the importance of cultural diplomacy on both sides remains very strong. Continuing the fight against anti-Semitism, conversations about this also remain an important task for intercultural relationships between Germany and Israel, as well as inner cultural affairs and viewing the exhibition is a chance for both.

The exhibition is organized by DEIN – Demokratie und Information e.V., a club aiming to promote democracy and open access to information and supported by the embassy of Israel in Berlin. It will be open to public from 03. – 31. May 2019 between 8am and 6pm. More information can be found at the websites named below.


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