Exchanges with Artists: Comic-Star Sean Chuang from Taiwan in Berlin

The Taiwanese comic scene was presented at the “Modern Graphics“ bookstore in Berlin

June 15th, 2017
Hélène Meyer, News from Berlin

Sean Chuang is a successful advertisement film director and a famous comic artist. “My 80s – My Youth in Taiwan” is perhaps his most significant work in German language so far.

During this unique cultural event, the moderator Stella L’Homme hosted a discussion with Sean Chuang regarding the Taiwanese comic scene and his country’s society. This event gave spectators the opportunity to ask questions and to receive signed books from the artist.

In 2014, his book received the Taiwan Golden Comic Award for the best comic and a prize for Best New Artist as well. On May 27th, 2017, another exchange with the artist took place in the Comic-Festival in Munich. On this occasion, he performed a reading of his work.

His Comic describes memories of his youth in Taiwan in the 70’s and 80’s. As a portrait of this time, he highlights societal upheaval: Taiwan became more politically open to democratic values and freedom. The author captures the feelings of an entire generation through his humorous cartoons, which enable readers to dive into Chinese values and culture in all aspects of society.

The artist also expresses the memories he preserves of the cultural boundaries he felt were imposed upon him during his youth. The translation of his work to German and the various presentations of his work around the country were an opportunity to share a culture not very well known in either Germany or Europe.


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