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Exchange Through Art - Moshe Gershuni

October 06th, 2014

News from Berlin - Moshe Gershuni, an Israeli artist, exhibits his collaboration of art, culture, history and politics in his first solo exhibition held in a European museum for over 30 years, the New National Gallery in Berlin.

For Moshe Gershuni, born into a Polish-Jewish family, a canvas comprises of floors covered in sheets of paper. Using his body as a tool, Gershuni crawls on his paint-covered hands and knees to create pieces charged with the past.

His “No Father No Mother” exhibition opened at the New National Gallery in Berlin in September 2014. Significantly, it is the first solo exhibition by an Israeli artist to be held at the New National Gallery.

According to the director of the New National Gallery, Udo Kittelman, Gershuni displays the “rootlessness and detachment connected with the horrors and atrocities of the 20th century or with the diaspora." Gershuni’s topic is particularly relevant in Germany, where these atrocities began, but is also important to the entire international community, who are able to come together and appreciate history through art.

Gershuni’s exhibition displays work that integrates paint with a variety of Jewish literature. Gershuni displays Islam’s star symbol, the star of David and the Nazis’ swastika alongside each other, essentially recognising the political conflict, whilst encouraging cultural exchange and integration in the artistic realm.

Set to end at the end of the year, “No Father No Mother” is an exhibition worth seeing.

See this video to hear Gershuni’s comments on his exhibition: No Father No Mother

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