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Events for the Parents of Brazilian Children in Berlin

The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin Is Inviting the Parents of Brazilian Children to Educational Events on Bilingualism

September 15th, 2015
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The Embassy of Brazil in Berlin invites the parents of Brazilian children in Berlin to the initiative of Bilingua eV, which offers workshops that will bring all Brazilian children closer to the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture. Parents interested in attending the workshops should submit the application directly to Bilingua’s email. The workshops will take place on September 26th, October 10th and October 14th 2015. 

Bilingua is offering parents in Berlin an opportunity to understand more about bilingualism and the linguistic and cultural situation of their children. The goal, under the guidance of educators and experienced psychologists in the area, is to ask questions, share experiences and information on topics such as Portuguese as heritage language, the relationship between parents and children in multicultural families, the construction of the Brazilian identity in children, the maintenance of Portuguese within and outside the home, using the internet in maintaining Portuguese, literacy in the heritage language and Portuguese diffusion initiatives in Berlin and around the world.

Bilingua eV is a non-profit organization based in Berlin. Its main objective is to provide multinational speakers of Portuguese-speaking families the opportunity to experience their culture of origin (such as Brazilian, Portuguese and African) outside their home. Bilingua aims to assist parents in the difficult task of raising bilingual and multicultural children, offering courses for children, youth and adults, as well as organizing meetings, festivals and other cultural activities. Its strong point is the presentation and transmission of Brazilian culture in Berlin, and the main focus is on children and youth.


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