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"Essence of Chinese Culture": Exhibition of Xu Chuze

The Chinese Culture Center at Berlin is organizing an exhibition showcasing Chinese art for culture exchange

June 23rd, 2016
20130623_Essence of Chinese culture.jpg

The exhibition "Essence of Chinese culture" runs from June 24th, 2016 at 19:00, until July 7th, 2016, at Berlin Chinese Cultural Center, Klingelhöferstraße 21, 10785 Berlin.

The exhibition presents a total of 25 Chinese arts and crafts by artist Xu Chuze, including the work "Little Bridge,"Holy" and "Fishing". Xu Chuze is the founder of the porcelain sculpture. He shows the images by using the sculptural and printing languages. With the help of the formability of the clay, his work leads the surface to space and produces incomparably beautiful 3-D effects. 

His art is not only facing the challenge to make the properties of the clay, it is much more a bold innovation against the current situation of a thousand years traditional ideas and methods of porcelain production. His works are a match for "free brush painting" and breathe the fine spirit of Eastern culture; they push the boundaries of the art of porcelain painting. It takes Xu Chuze several months to prepare these porcelain arts.

This exhibition is dealing with the theme based on stores, people and landscape. It shows not only strong folk characteristics, but also the atmosphere and the sense of style of our time. 

The exhibition gives the viewer a new visual experience. The distinctive artistic language of Xu Chuze opens a new artistic field of porcelain sculpture. As a result, it exerts an active influence on the development of modern art of porcelain China. 


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Jiali Zhou, Berlin Global