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Erasmus Program Applauded by German Minister

May 02nd, 2014

News from Berlin - The Erasmus program has undergone a recent makeover to become Erasmus+.  The program was officially launched in Berlin on Thursday and German Education Minister Johanna Wanka said that the new Erasmus+ has incorporated other exchange programs such as the Leonardo da Vinci and Comenius projects and will develop cultural bridges between nations.

The program offers financial support to the young people who wish to be involved in studying or working abroad and the new revamped Erasmus+ scheme will receive €15 billion by 2020 in EU money which is a 40% increase in the funding received by the previous model.

Education Minister Wanka has said that if young people can be offered more substantial financial support, it would “prevent youth unemployment and give the youth of Europe prospects.” She added that “Erasmus+ stands for an open and tolerant Europe where people can learn together.”

The German government estimated that around 275,000 and 150,000 trainees will feel the positive effects of internships and connections that they have made whilst taking part in the program.

There were other politicians present at the launch besides Minister Wanka such as Youth Minister Manuela Schwesig, EU Commissioner for Education and Culture Androulla Vassiliou and President of the Conference of Ministers of Education Sylvia Löhrmann; Löhrmann said “Our goal is to get as many young people as possible in cross-border exchanges,” and then adding “European cooperation projects not only strengthen peoples’ abilities in foreign languages but also make them more competent at making them more competent and moving between cultures.”

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