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20181130_The German Lost Art Foundation.jpg
Discussion on the progress of the Washington Principles and their future
20181102_Feminism and Popcorn!.jpg
Discussion on the progress of the Washington Principles and their futureBerlin Screening of the Documentary Women’s March – Democracy and Human Rights
20181013_Kazakhstan in Berlin.jpg
Berlin’s MOMENTUM & Studio 1 Hosts an Exhibition Focused on Kazakhstan
20181002_Traditional Arabic Music Live Concert.jpg
Young Euro Classic is a festival specifically created for symphonic youth orchestrasThe curator Wassim Mukdad introduces Arabic culture through live jams in Berlin
20180815_Young Euro Classic 3 - 20 August 2018.jpg
Young Euro Classic is a festival specifically created for symphonic youth orchestras
20180815_Pop-Kultur Berlin 15 - 17 August 2018.jpg
During the three-day festival "Pop-Kultur", musicians, artists and business people turn the Kulturbrauerei into a music hub
20180725_40th Berlin Pride.jpg
My body, my identity, my life!
20180725_Summer Open Air Festival Wassermusik 2018.jpg
Goodbye UK - and Thank You for the Music
20180713_Thailand and the Berlin Fashion Week.jpg
Thailanders designers light up the 2018 Fashion Week
20180713_ilb 2018 – connecting Literature Enthusiasts.jpg
Writers and readers gather in Berlin for the 18th edition of the international literature festival
20180713_Long Night of the Museums.jpg
Exhibitions and artistic performances until early in the morning
20180710_Music Festival, a Way to Spread Culture.jpg
The Gendarmenmarkt square in the heart of Berlin is transformed into a concert stage
20180706_Berlin to Host Polish Jazz Concert.jpg
The Polish Institute in Berlin (Polnisches Institut Berlin) Organizes an Event to Promote Young Polish Jazz Artists
201480706_International Beer Festival.jpg
Enjoy Many Varieties of Beer in Berlin from the 3rd to 5th of August
20180702_A Bavarian Country Trip.jpg
Bavaria is Germany's most popular tourist destination
20180701_Galerie Michael Janssen Presents a New Exhibition.jpg
Visit the Petersburger Saloon Exhibition from June 30th through August 4th
20180701_The 24th European Athletics Championships.jpg
The Olympic Stadium of Berlin and Berlin’s City Center to Host over 1,000 Athletes
20180701_Germany from A to Z.jpg
Thirty-eight tips for understanding Germany and the Germans
20180626_Indian Classical Music.jpg
Germany Works Together to Discuss Cultural Heritage
20180625_A Quintessentially Berlin Kino 1.jpg
Kino Central is an open-air cinema in the heart of Berlin- Mitte, tucked away in the far side of a graffiti filled brick alleyway
20180625_Hello World.jpg
For those looking to delve into Berlin’s contemporary art scene, the Hamburger Banhof, a 19th century train station refurbished as a museum, is the place to start
20180624_Jewish Film Festival.jpg
A glimpse into the world of Jewish life
20180621_Fete De La Musique Berlin 2018.jpg
When French Music Meets Berliners
Where you can get your bunny chow with a side of zebra
20180606_Berlin Celebrates Eddie Rosner.png
Berlin recognizes the accomplishments of a German jazz musician that found fame in the Soviet Union
20180606_Estonian Musicians at Rudolstadt Festival.jpg
Germany’s Principal Festival of Roots, Folk and World Music
20180606_Fête de la Musique Berlin 2018.jpg
On June 21, 2018: We celebrate Music
Berlin Mobilizes the Jewish Cinema
20180603_African Food Festival.jpg
Get to know African food and culture beyond common stereotypes
20180531_Festival Jazzdor.jpg
Music Strengthens the Franco-German Alliance
10 myths about culture in Germany
20180515_Spreading German Culture Abroad and Within the Country.jpg
The Global Reach of Promoting German Culture and Fostering International Cultural Cooperation
20180515_The Diverse Culture of Berlin Germany.jpg
Integrating Diversity in Berlin
Berlin annual contemporary festival is here
Discover culture and museum for a day
20180507_Shows & Musicals in Berlin 2018.jpg
Witness unique acts on exceptional stages
Building bridges and celebrating cultural diversity
20180506_Where to go in Berlin.jpg
Berlin Nightlife Areas
20180418_Top-Events in Berlin 2018.jpg
The Highlights in Berlin’s event calendar
Highlights of Berlin's cultural calendar - events and festivals, theatre, opera, concerts, movies, fairs and more
An overview of the best current museum, art and photography exhibitions in Berlin's top museums, galleries and event venues
Publications of The 68th Berlinale
Symposium “Exile and Loneliness: Ovid – Romania – European Identity – The Homeland of the Word” celebrated this year 2000 years from Ovid’s death
Symposium “Exile and Loneliness: Ovid – Romania – European Identity – The Homeland of the Word” celebrated this year 2000 years from Ovid’s death
Every year Berlin invites all the Berliners and visitors from around the world to celebrate the beginning of the New Year attending several and different events
From the 4th of November until the 12th, Berlin served as the welcoming city to host the Days of Jewish Culture for a week
The Festival British Shorts presents the wittiest, oddest and most fascinating short films from the United Kingdom
Film festival serves as strong example of cultural diplomacy in action
“Nation Brands Index” ranks Germany as having the best global reputation
20171130_Celebrating British Writers.jpg
Literary Event Celebrating the Diverse Nature of British Literature in Kreuzburg, Berlin
Two of the three finalist movies of the European Parliament’s LUX Prize were screened in Berlin
Promoted a message of peace among the students of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy for building social cohesion through cultural diplomacy
On 28th of October a concert will take place in Berlin and it fosters mutual exchange among artists in an original way
The Festival will provide a stage for famous poets and writers worldwide to foster knowledge and passion for literature
2017_08_10 Spanish Artists Performing.jpg
The Spanish “Instituto Cervantes” of Berlin organizes unconventional artistic performances with “Let Me In Festival”
2017_08_10 Faces of Cuba.jpg
The exhibition that describes colours and experience straight from Cuba
2017_08_09 Mocky in Berlin.jpg
The Canadian composer Mocky comes back in Berlin to impress everybody with his last release
2017_08_08 Presenting the Diversity of Africa.jpg
Film Festival “AFRIKAMERA” brings recent movies from Africa to Berlin
2017_08_07 German- Singaporean Festival of Lights.jpg
Over 2 million visitors ready for 13th edition of a light art project
2017_08_04 “Music Building Bridges”.jpg
RISE African House Music Open Air 2017 in Berlin
2017_08_03 Audre Lorde.jpg
The compelling story of Audre Lorde: the woman who changed the history of Berlin women forever
2017_08_02 German-American Folk Festival.jpg
Berlin is ready to host the German-American Folk Festival to experience the real American lifestyle
2017_07_18 Being Queer in Africa.jpg
A Discussion followed by a Concert that will raise questions about differences and preaches understanding
2017_07_18 Multicultural Vibes in Hannover.jpg
The South African Wits Choir spread its vivacity in Germany
2017_07_13 African BBQ.jpg
The African Food Festival presents Saltn’ Pepper, a culinary and cultural event that will awaken the senses
2017_07_13 IIanga Festival in Hamburg.jpg
A festival celebrating Nelson Mandela’s rainbow vision of the nation
2017_07_13 Lifeswap Animation.jpg
Lifeswap is an animated series about Germany and New-Zealand
2017_07_12 African Food Festival.jpg
The people of Berlin are invited to rediscover the African cuisine
2017_07_11 Thindi.jpg
Exhibition of a “3rd World Soul in a 1st World Pandemonium” by Thabo Thindi
2017_07_11 Street Hockey Tournament.jpg
Canadian organizes sports tournament for refugees
2017_07_10 French German Festival.jpg
The French Embassy of Berlin and the “Deutsch-Französiche Jugendwerk” invite you to the “Jour the fête” event at the Brandenburger Tor
2017_07_10 Theatre Premiere Portraying.jpg
The people of Berlin are invited to rediscover the African cuisine
2017_07_08 Afrolync.jpg
A conference where Africa and Europe bind heads to foster further technological development
2017_07_08 Greek Pianist.jpg
Concert ¨Blue Notes¨ by Manolis Vlitakis - Randspiele XXV (Church of St. Annen Zepernick, 8 July 2017)
2017_07_07 Polish Institute.jpg
Polish Design and multicultural Design meet in a very innovative exhibition
2017_07_07 Exhibition Art Gypsie.jpg
Suisse Marocain presents a private viewing of an artistic exhibition under the inspiration of Madagascar
2017_07_06 French Institute Berlin.jpg
On the 6th July afternoon, France and Germany organized information meetings for young students that want to do research “on the other side of the Rheine"
2017_07_06 Wassermusik.jpg
Open-Air concert and movie with South African’s artists on the roof terrace
2017_06_29 Francophone Exhibition.jpg
Weeklong Celebration on the occasion for the Madagascar Embassy to promote the culture of the island
2017_06_23 Bilder Als Botschaft- Pictures as Embassies.jpg
Exhibition of Wolfgang Mattheuer art at The Kunsthalle Rostock
2017_06_22 Street Food Concept in Berlin.jpg
Diversity of Tastes in Markthalle Neun
2017_06_21 Instituto Cervantes Engages Ibero-American Cultures in Diplomacy.jpg
The Instituto Cervantes continues making persistent efforts in promoting Hispanic culture across Germany
2017_06_20 Day of the music.jpg
Musicians and music lovers from over 340 cities worldwide take part
2017_06_20 Jewish Film Festival.jpg
From the 2nd till the 11th of July, the festival takes film fans on a journey around the world of Jewish and Israeli filmmaking
2017_06_20 American Folk.jpg
From July 21st till August 13th, the German-American Folk Festival celebrates the American way of life
2017_06_19 Kurdish Film Festival 2017.jpg
Berlin is hosting the seventh Kurdish Film festival. It's the first and the largest film festival of this kind
2017_06_15 Berlin Carnival of Cultures 2017.jpg
Berlin celebrates its cultural diversity at the Carnival of Cultures: thousands of dancers, musicians and artists to perform with colourful street parade
2017_06_01 Carnival of Cultures.jpg
"A proud expression of hybrid cultural identities"
2017_05_26 The One Grand Show.jpg
Where art meets culture in a true Berlin fashion
Katharine's beloved Berliner audience enjoys spring nights with love, loss and sorrow
Young generation of filmmakers presents fresh perspective on Greek culture to the German audience
Tereza de Arruda, contemporary Brazilian Curator speaks to Berlin Global
The Spanish institution in charge of spreading Spanish language and culture around the world offers this concert to fans of classical music
An idea that includes the involvement of young musicians on a high level, from across the European Continent, excited to promote peace and cultural cooperation through music
The European tour of the Greek singer Yiannis Aggelakas & 100°C began on 22nd November in Berlin
The Symphonic Rock Orchestra of Prague completely engaged its audience last night at Tempodrom by performing rock hits with classic arrangements
An art exhibition and musical performances to mark the occasion of 30 years of a Filipino community in Berlin
Exhibition dedicated to the famous photographer Teobert Maler will take place from 13th October to 26th November
The Louis Lewandowski Festival will take place in Berlin and Potsdam from 15th to 18th December
Goethe Institut Berlin aims to encourage dialogue through new exhibition entitled ‘Syria – Berlin: Home or New Beginning?’
The Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir brings 900 years of Norwegian sacred music to Germany
Australian band The Cat Empire speaks to Berlin Global about cultural influences in music
Symphonic Rock Orchestra of Prague comes to Berlin to present a new concept of orchestra
The music festival launched by We Jazz and XJAZZ is taking place in Berlin in November, to renew jazz music with a Finnish focus
Organized by the Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, this festival aims to underline the central role women play in the Arab World
Berliner audience sing and dance with Welsh singer during her performance in Berlin’s Tempodrom
German photographer, Peter Bauza, captures the life in an abandoned block of buildings in Rio. Here he talks to Berlin Global
Luigi Mercuri, Director Treasurer of Società Dante Alighieri in Berlin, talks to Berlin Global about Italian-German cultural relations
Edney Pereira, organizer of ‘Brasilien trifft Berlin’ festival, speaks to Berlin Global
European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) hosts ‘Cultural Day’ in Berlin
Italy promotes its culinary tradition abroad through ‘Week of Italian Food in the World’
The most important international festival of short films in Germany, Interfilm, presents films from 100 countries for six days in Berlin
The Embassy of India in Berlin will host three major artists who will perform Indian Classical Music on the sitar and tabla
Bianca Monroy, contemporary Mexican artist, talks to Berlin Global
The Schatzinsel Circus host a series of performances for children until November in both the German and Spanish languages
Legislative Theatre in Berlin at Lateinamerika Forum and Kuringa
The project, produced by Roma and non-Roma artists from Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Germany, aims to highlight Roma identity and culture today
The 2016 ‘European Month of Photography’ offers a variety of historic and contemporary works in various exhibition venues around Berlin
As part of the Uniting Backgrounds Festival, the Polish play ‘M(other) Courage’ uses a choir to convey an image of conflict in Europe
The Alba-TCP Film Festival will take place in Berlin from 19th October to 10th November 2016 in collaboration with the Embassy of Bolivia
The first of its kind in Berlin, the Warm Up African Food Festival will take place on 15th October in Haubentaucher
Brazil inspires the world with its vibrant style
One of the biggest cultural attractions arrives in the city this week, transforming the streets into colorful and bright pieces of art
Icelandic Operation Highlights Artistic Relations Between Creative And Experimental Cities, Reykjavík and BerlinFrom 1st to 6th November, Berliner Festspiele Will Host the 53rd Jazzfest in Berlin
During October Berlin will be transformed into a gallery in order to promote international cultures and support European emerging artists
Icelandic Operation Highlights Artistic Relations Between Creative And Experimental Cities, Reykjavík and Berlin
From September 17th – 20th 2016, Seret International Israeli Film and Television Festival brought the best of Israel’s growing talent to Berlin
Illumination festival ‘Berlin Leuchtet’ will transform the city’s landmarks for seventeen days
The large event is spread throughout the city and gathers more than two hundred guests from Germany and abroad
More than 40,000 runners will participate, as well as over a million spectators cheering on every step of the runner's way
THE ONE Grand Show takes audiences on a dream-like journey through time using spectacular effects
Experiencing and exploring Bavarian culture through the best beer in the world
Long Night of Religions 2016.jpg
Berlin’s faith groups unite to celebrate tolerance and cross-cultural understanding
Cultural exchange among the young people through the classical music
The first Korean documentary film festival in Berlin is about to take place from September 16th to 19th
Potsdam Revives the Glory of the Hohenzollern Era for One Night Only
Berlin's Chinese Cultural Center is set to host a jazz concert that may foster connectivity between German and Chinese people
A Chinese cultural experience in Berlin through art, fashion and Kung Fu
This strategic alliance has a significant impact in cultural diplomacy, being a great way of expanding the international activities
“Dance in August” Festival in Berlin takes place this month
Berlin's par excellence cultural highlight of the year goes fully multicultural
With Food, Dance, Music, and Sport Performances, Thai Culture Was Once Again the Protagonist of Bod Hamborg
Enhancing cross-cultural understanding and strengthening Greek-German bonds through culture
The Chinese Cultural Center of Berlin hosts yet another vibrant cultural event in the German capital
The close-up series of Asian cinema continues
Competition for Young Innovators in the Run-up to the Falling Walls Conference
The Korean Cultural Center in Berlin aired a local documentary to promote cultural exchange
United Romanian-Moldovan Youth Orchestra Debuts at Young Euro-Classics Festival 2016
One of the Most Famous Brazilian Singers and Gay Rights Activist will Perform in Berlin
Mutual cultural discovery leads the Berlin – Oborishte city partnership manifestation
AfricAvenir presents two short-film documentaries in an open air screening hosted in Berlin
The Romanian Cultural Institute organizes events in Berlin to mark the centenary of the Great War”
The Chinese cinema close-up series continues in Berlin
Artists from Germany and Scandinavia gathered in Berlin for three days of cultural exchange through musical expression
Exhibition of Uruguay urban project about development of the city at Instituto Cervantes Berlin
Eight contemporary artists exhibit at the Museum für Asiatische Kunst in Berlin
A wide variety of music is featured in the show archipelago Wonderful Indonesia
"Heaven on earth" visits Berlin at the Chinese Cultural Center
The Berlin Museum für Asiatische Kunst is currently displaying a unique Asian collection which may foster inter-connectivity dialogue
Berliners now have the chance to get a close up of Asian cinema
France and Germany celebrate their bilateral relations with a Festival in BBT that served as an homage to the victims of the Nice Terrorist Attack
The exhibition was organized by the House of the History of Germany at Berlin's German Historical Museum
This summer in the Gemäldegalerie a major exhibition of Spanish painting and sculpture from the 17th century will be showcased in the German capital
“1. Berliner Festival der Religionen” hosted artists of different religious beliefs
Traditional rhythms, musical, cultural and spiritual experience
The Berlinische Galerie and Museum Rietberg, Zurich, host first ever exhibition exploring the Dada preoccupation
The Allied Museum Berlin is hosting a permanent exhibition about the history of Western powers in the city after World War II
20160705_Christopher Street Day.jpg
The festival allows for the creation of a cultural dialogue, which transcends political, ethnic and religious boundaries
From 15th to 16th July the German capital will play host to the Deutsch-Französisches Fest 2016 organised by The French Embassy
Egyptian artist presented in Deutsche Bank's Gallery
'A Song for All' music festival promoted the culture of Madagascar in Germany
British Band Coldplay brought humanity together with a magical show full of colour and light
The Festival will offer a platform for cultural exchanges between Africa and Germany
A culturally rich festival featuring graphic art of all shapes and sizes
20160623_International Summer Festival.jpg
The international summer festival, Foreign Affairs, creates an open dialogue for cultural exchange
20160623_trade fair.jpg
From June 28th - 30th Arena Berlin is organizing three different fashion trade fairs
PhotoWerk Berlin is Organizing a Week Dedicated to Street Photography from June 19th to June 26th
The Humboldt University in Berlin Will Host a Lecture about Pilgrimage to Mecca
Berlin is Participating in the Volunteering Programme Set up by UEFA Euro 2016
The legendary American hip-hop artist will produce himself in Berlin
Cycling festival in Germany’s capital
20160615_August Kopisch.jpg
Visit the exhibition about August Kopisch until the 17th of June
The Open-Air Classical Concert Is One of the Cultural Highlights of the Berlin Summer Calendar
Macedonian Film “Three Days in September” Wins Prestigious Festival Award
20160614_German-French Fair 2016.jpg
The largest folk festival in Berlin celebrates the French “savoir vivre” with artists, performers and French specialties.
20160614_Chilean Perspective.jpg
Contemporaneous Chilean art approaches the beauty of life from two singular and innovative perspectives
20160614_Royal Irish Academy.jpg
The 1916’s Portraits and Lives Exhibition is currently on View at the Irish Embassy in Berlin
20160613_Jewish Film Festival.jpg
From 4th to 19th June, the Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg takes place for the 22nd time
20160613_Open Day.jpg
An diverse introduction to Japanese Culture for all ages
‘Eunic Jazz Festival Berlin - My Unique Jazz Festival’ brings music and European integration to a whole new level
Berlin Celebrates the Beginning of the Summer with an Open-Air Music Festival
An Orchestra Coloured of Latino Spirit
20160613_Berlins Fashion Scene.jpg
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin Will Start on June 28th 2016
20160613_Art Dealer.jpg
Bonaventure Ndikung, an independent exhibition organizer from Cameroon is operating in Europe
The Long Night of the Sciences, an Event Held in Berlin and Potsdam, Will Occur on June 11th
For 3 days, Kreuzberg Will Boast a Multi-cultural Atmosphere and Lots of Jazz Music
Urban Spree Will Host the Scandinavian Themed Music Festival Midsommar on June 24th
Kein Schoner.jpg
Under the Title of a German Folk Song, the Kein Schoner Celebrates its 17th Literaturwerkstatt in Berlin
The city’s public art gallery presents a retrospective outlook on the influential creator
The Malagasy “Loharano” project will take place in Germany in July 2016
The Berlin Air Show Combines a High Quality Conference Program With a Spectacular Air Show
The Successful Campaign which Raised Awareness of Plastic Bags and which Made it to the Guinness Book of Records in 2014, is Back with a Photographic Exhibition.
An exhibition on the meaning of Europe and its controversies is taking place in one of Berlin’s most suggestive locations
An Event organised by the French Institute of Berlin on the Kurfürstendamm
On Friday, June 10th 2016, the Exhibition “Home at the Crossroads” Will Open its Doors from 7 p.m.
DMY Berlin Is An Annual Contemporary Design Music Festival Where Aspiring and Established Artists Present Their Designs
From the 1st of June until the 3rd of June, the ‘Black Europe Body Politics 2016’ event will take place in Berlin
From May 25th to June 3rd 2016, the "Kulturkind" association is organizing the first "Into the Wind, Nordic Children and Youth Literature Days
‘'Beautiful Mind: A Gem for Cranach''
The Open Air Gallery dates back to 2003 and since then has only gained more popularity
From Saturday, 4th of June at 14:00 to Sunday, 5th of June at 20:00
The Western view on childhood in Japan in the late 19th century
Guernica film premieres on 79th anniversary of bombings
„The 9 and 10 of June the Deutsche Afrika Stiftung proposes a discussion about contemporary African literature
Each band interpreted well-known pieces from their own countries, combining them with jazz traditions from all over Europe
"Festival Brings Filipino films to Theatres in Cologne and Munich"
Panel Discussion on the themes of Approaching Cuba, getting to know the country, its cultures, its customs and its sport
„According to estimates of the Embassy of Israel, more than ten thousand Israelis now live in the German capital only"
Many museums in Berlin will open their doors for special tours and activities on 22 May 2016
The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin brings to the city an exhibition with a special guest to it, the umbrella
"Let's have A Day For The Bicycle"
Berlin will be able to celebrate the official Day of Portugal with a concert by Gisela João
The Exhibition "Kuba Libre" Begins with More than 63 Cuban Artists
One of the biggest events in the Contemporary Art scene in Germany
Secret Surface Where Meaning Materializes, the emptiness as a driving force - Picture2.jpg
Until the 1st of May, BKW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin is Hosting an Exhibition that Emphasizes the Surface
The Exhibition “Retrospective” by Stephan Shore Presents the Unique Work of a World Famous Artist
The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a forum entitled « Make it Move » in Berlin from April the 13th to April the 15th.
Excellent performance of young orchestra in Tunisia
Through this Workshop Participants Can Acquire an Idea of the African Music in General
Interview with Solvej Helweg Ovesen, the Art Director of the Event
BG-Culture-2016.04.19- Comic Invasion Berlin 2016-Caterina Gion1.jpg
A Project to Give Voice to the Stories of Refugees
The 6th Edition of this Latin American Short Film Festival is hosted in Berlin
The Second Edition of Read! Berlin was hosted from the 22th to the 29th of April
Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Joachim Gauck Have Opened the Exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau
The festival of South African poems, rap lyrics and Hip-Hop music
Events, Award Shows, Performances, Exhibitions, Workshops And Talks in Berlin From the 18th to the 24th of April
Namibian Journalist Martha Mukaiwa Will Take Part in 53rd Theatre Festival in Berlin
The Most “Out of World” Experience in Berlin
On the 15th of April at the Platoon Kunsthalle is open from from 6pm
“DIS cover TRUST” Art Exhibition in Galleri Heike Arndt DK
Music festival supported by TURN Fund
The Passionkirche Hosted a Concert of Portuguese Fado de Coimbra
The Fight of African Berliner Immigrants to Be Accepted and Recognized
Project “Shifting Realities Brings Choreographers from Several African Countries and Germany Together
Film Screening Followed by a Conversation with the Director
Italian Excellences Showcase Their Artworks Starting from The 16th of April
Ja Ja Ja – A Nordic Affair introduces Finnish, Danish and Norwegian artists in Berlin
There will be New Plays on Hebbel Theatre, from the 13th to the 24th of April
On the 17th of April, the “Gardens of the World” will Host the 10th Kirschblütenfest (Cherry Blossom Festival)
“Everything to Discover, Test and Buy”
German Movie Filmed in Portugal was exhibited on the 16th of April
“While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas” (Thomas Sankara)
More Than Twenty Record Stores in Berlin Participate in The Worldwide Event
Madre Natura” – Landscapes Around Europe - PICTURE 1.jpg
Petra Cola, a Young Italian Photographer, is presenting her First Great Exhibition in Berlin
Amy Evans for BG.jpg
Bridging Between Cultures, Countries and Traditions Through Drama
May Ayim, the Ghanaian-German Poet is Remembered and Celebrated in Berlin
From the 17th to the 20th of March Irish films shown at the Kino Moviemento
“Borders. Limits. Liberty.” is the Theme of the 2016 Festival to Reflect the Ongoing Refugee Crisis
2016.03.23-BG-Culture-Luxembourg Musicians and Bands on the Road in Germany-Caterina Gion-1.jpg
Sabine Weyer at the Philharmonie in Berlin on the 27th of March 2016
The Festival Will Take Place at Babylon Cinema from 10th until 16th March 2016
2016.03.17-BG-Culture-Berlin Alternative Fashion Week - BAFW 2016-1.jpg
From the 16th to the 19th of March Berlin Celebrates the Collections of Emerging Designers from Around the World
Stage Play “Roots Family Stories” by Rostislav Novak Invites Berliners to Watch a Czech Spectacle
The Exhibition “The Painter with Stars in Their Eyes” by Viera Kraicova Invites the People of Berlin to Enjoy Slovak Fine Art
The Exhibition “Unsafe to Dance” by Peter Puklus Invites Fans of Photography to Visit an Exhibition of the Works from the Young Artist
The Effects of Climate Change on Culture and the Joining of Cultures Together Through Climate Change
Polish institute-1.JPG
An Interview with Marcin Zastrożny from the Polish Institute Berlin
Berlin Feminist Film Week - PICTURE 1.jpg
Celebrating Women in the Film Industry, a Tribute to Talented Women
The Polish Institute in Berlin has Become Home to Modern Sculptures for the Next 2 Months
The Documentary “On The Bride's Side” Directed by Antonio Augugliaro, Gabriele Del Grande and Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry Was Screened at the Babylon on the 6th of March 2016
The Berlin Chinese Film Festival is Launched with the Aim of Promoting Better Cultural Understanding Between Germans and Chinese People Through Film
The Exhibition “House of Housing Disasters” by Dominik Lang Invites Berliners to Experience the Unique Artistic Point of View of a Young Talented Czech Artist
For Six Days in April, from the 16th to the 21st, the Glass Courtyard of the Jewish Museum Berlin will Turn into a Concert Stage
A Big Opportunity for the Young Generation Worldwide with Final Competition Taking Place in Berlin
The First “Notte Italiana” at the ICD - PICTURE 1.JPG
An Italian Night Took Place at the RED Ballroom on Sunday February 21st
The Schiller Theater Will Host the 20th Edition of the Festival Days Berlin-PICTURE 1.jpg
International Opera Stars and the State Orchestra "Staatskapelle Berlin" Come Together to Make the Schiller Theater a Special Venue Where the Classical Music Fill Up the Atmosphere
2016.02.17-BG-Culture-The Gallery Weekend Will Come Back to Berlin-PICTURE 1.jpg
From the 29th of April until 1st of May, More Than 50 Galleries of Berlin Open Their Doors to the Gallery Weekend Berlin
The Opportunity for Dialogue Through Dancing
In the Forum Section of the International Film Festival Berlinale a Film Directed by Senegalese Director Rama Thiaw will be screened-°1.jpg
At the 46th Berlinale Forum 44 Films Will Be Shown, Including 34 World Premieres
Icelanders Shined At The Nordic Events In Berlin
Berlin Independent Film Festival - PICTURE 1.jpg
A Great Opportunity for Indie Films and International Emerging Talents
The future perspective for woman as leader, is it just dream or challenge for the German woman-2.jpg
Nowadays, the Position of Women is More in the Spotlight, but Still Only Small Steps are Being Made to Improve their Career Chances and Opportunities.
The Great Exhibition “eat! Berlin” will take place again from 26th February till 6th of March in the German Capital City-3.jpg
Berlin Will Host a Food Festival, Where Many Famous Cooks and Restaurants Will Present Themselves.
2016.02.11-BG-Culture-MaerzMusik 2016, Explores the Theme ‘Temporality of Music’ -PICTURE 2.jpg
From 11th to 20th of March, the Berlinale Festspiele Will Host MaerzMusik, a Festival Committed to Exploring the Phenomenon of Time under Various Aspects.
A delicious way to escape to Philippines_1.jpg
Minette and Kay Made their First Sold-out Cooking Class in the Heart of Berlin, to Share their Passion and Enable Berliners to Explore a Piece of their Culture
Experience the Creative Process in Berlin
Enjoy a Winning Contest Exhibition by the Spanish Photographer Verónica Losantos.
Russian Contemporary. Drawing No Limits 2.jpeg
Exhibition of Russian Contemporary Art in Berlin Runs from January 28th to March 15th 2016
Collaboration of 3 Young Talented Artists, Supported by the Czech-German Fund for the Future and the Czech Center in Berlin
Sport Projects Creating Social Change and Integration of Young People World Wide - 4.jpg
Laureus Sport for Good Foundation in Partnership with Mercedes Benz Supports Young People Through Sports
Recycling 3.jpg
The 2nd World Congress and Expo on Recycling Will Be Held in Berlin
The Only Chinese Film participating at the Berlinale 2016
Enjoy an Exhibition by a Well-known Japanese Architect and Urban Designer
Arab Cinema Will also Feature in the Event which Will Occur from the 11th Until the 21st of February.
ADB meeting.JPG
The Annual Meeting 2016 will be Held in Frankfurt
Berlin – the Place to Celebrate Brazilian Dances for the 4th Time
Deutsche Bank Commitment to Art picture 2.jpg
Deutsche Bank Opens up the World of Contemporary Art
The RED Ballroom was Descended Upon on the Evening of 19th January by People from the World of Fashion to Celebrate the United Fashion Event Hosted by Frank Hannig
The Nordic Film Club in Berlin 3.jpg
A Selection of Movies from the Nordic Countries are Being Screened at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin
In the Ethnologischen Museum Berlin occurs a program called Markt der Kontinente Afrika-1.jpg
Each Week a Different Continent is Focused on and the Third Weekend in January Belongs to Africa and the Project “Markt der Kontinente: Afrika“
Germany's Largest Event Series Related to Asia Will Take Place in May/June 2016
Celebrating the Land of the Rising Sun in January 2016
The Transmediale Festival for Media Art and Digital Culture Comes back to Berlin - PICTURE 1 (2).jpg
The Transmediale is a Berlin-Based Project that Draws out new Connections Between Art, Culture and Technology
Film Event for Children in Berlin to Promote Discussion1.jpg
The Goethe-Institut Run Film Event, Cinemanya Invited 200 Children to Watch Films and Share Experiences
Applications for the new AFRIKA KOMMT!-1.jpg
AFRIKA KOMMT Program Supported by GIZ and the President of Germany is Open for Applications for Participation in the Fifth Session 2015 - 2017
German-Scandinavian Orchestra Week in Berlin 1.jpg
Young Musicians From 20 Different Nations Participate in an International Music Project
Days of Dance in Berlin Will Take A Place From 7th till 17th of January 2016 in Sophiensale