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Embassy Will Close To Celebrate South African Heritage Day

Heritage Day to Be Celebrated on September 24th 2015. A Party Will Be Held at the Werkstatt Der Kulturen In Neukölln

September 23rd, 2015
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South Africans and everyone interested in South Africa are invited to celebrate South Africa’s Heritage by way of a public holiday. Heritage Day is one of the newly created South African public holidays; the day is there to encourage individuals to celebrate their heritage and different traditional cultures and beliefs, but at the same time appreciate the wider context of South African traditions themselves and appreciate the diverse range of cultures that make up the South African population. The day will also be celebrated across South Africa, where most commonly people hold backyard barbecues with family and friends.

Official celebrations will be held at the Wekstatt der Kulturen where there will be entertainment performances as well as traditional food and crafts available to buy. At the event, Phillipp Khabo Koepsell, a Berlin-based spoken word performer will be giving a poetry recital. Koepsell is of German and South African descent and currently is the curator and dramatic advisor of a theatre in Berlin. Other performances will include a showing of Jessica Nupen’s production of ‘Romeo and Juliet Rebellion & Johannesburg’ as well as music from Mthunzi a singer songwriter from just outside Cape Town.

The Embassy of South Africa will be closed for the day in order to attend the celebrations and allow all employees to go.

For more information on how to attend the event, please visit the following website:

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