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Embassy of Pakistan Celebrates Pakistan´s Independence with Cultural Diplomacy

Special Performance Paying Tribute to Pakistani

December 06th, 2017
Ur Rehman Ubaid, News from Berlin

Rani Taj the dhol Player since the age of nine, her first instrument was the viola, which she picked up when she was only six whilst at primary school. Towards the end of her primary school career, she attended a Vaisakhi Mela, where she saw the Dhol Blasters playing dhol. She immediately fell in love with the Dhol and asked her mum to buy her one so she could learn to play it.

The Pakistani Embassy in Berlin paid tribute to all Pakistanis on 14 August 2017 at the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the Independence Day with an amazing cultural performance. The Embassy of Pakistan invited the famous Dhol Player Rani Taj in Berlin. She played Dhol at the end of the ceremony of independence. While playing Dhol she represented important aspects on of the Pakistani Cultural Identity and she played a selection of Pakistani national songs. So, this step taken by the Embassy created an excellent atmosphere to bring together the people of Pakistani diaspora in Berlin and German people to celebrate together this happy occasion. The Such a cultural diplomacy event helps to reflect the image, culture, and attributes of the people of Pakistan in Germany and to a German public. At the end of the ceremony, the Pakistani Embassy also offered the lunch with traditional Pakistani Sweets and dishes to all of the guests who were present. At the end The Ambassador also addressed the gathering by saying that “we loved Pakistan but here in Germany we also loved this country and our embassy tried its best to conduct such a programm which helps to reflect the image, culture, and traditions and gave a message to another world that we are a peace-liked nation and with the passage of time frame we are with the people of Pakistan here overseas and never left them alone.”

As background, it is important to note that Pakistan and Germany have enjoyed warm friendly relations since the establishment of their diplomatic ties in 1951. Pakistan was one of the first Asian countries to establish relations with Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). These relations are based on shared values of democracy, pluralism, and respect for human rights, cultural and religious diversity and economic liberalism. Ever since their inception in 1951, Pakistan-Germany relations have been on an upward trajectory. In 1959, the two countries signed the world's first bilateral investment treaty. The two countries also entered financial cooperation in 1961 as West Germany became a member of the consortium of countries providing development assistance to Pakistan. In 1962, the two sides established a Pakistan-German Forum. An important part of these relations is the 70,000 strong Pakistani diasporas in Germany.

This independence day celebration serves as an important continuation of the good relations and diplomacy between Pakistan and Germany.


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