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Embassy of Argentina - The Phantoms of Goya at the Berliner Stage

October 23rd, 2014
20141023 Embassy of Argentina - The Phantoms of Goya at the Berliner Stage.jpg

News from Berlin - Berlin will have the chance to attend to a defense of the loved Spanish painter Goya, in favour of any other artist. The controversial title “I’d Rather Goya Robbed me of Sleep than Some Arsehole” is a play by the well-known Argentine author, Rodrigo García (Buenos Aires, 1964). The Kulturstiftung des Bundes is the organizer of this event and the Embassy of Argentina wanted to support this event that will take place for the first time in Berlin, on October 24th at 19.30. The play will be on stage until November  the 27th this year.

According to the information provided by the theater Schaubühne, the play tells the story of a man who while on a sleepless night in Madrid, sets out with his two sons for a night on the town. He has gathered up his life savings, the total sum of many years of hard work. It is enough to flag a taxi down and invite both sons to drink beers and spirits and enjoy tortillas and Serrano ham. They recruit Peter Sloterdijk to join them in attempting to break into the Prado and spend the rest of the night in the pleasurable presence of Goya’s paintings.

The director Rodrigo García founded the theatre group, "La Carnicería Teatro". He has lived in Spain since 1986, where he developed his career. He collaborated with other institutions and festivals and won the award "Premio Europa Nueva Realidad Teatral" in 2008.

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