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Election of the French Consular Councillors in Berlin

May 21st, 2014
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News from Berlin - As part of the French policy reform regarding the rights of the abroad living citizens, for the first time, French expatriated citizens will be able to elect their representatives for the Embassies and Consulates all over the World. From Wednesday, May 14th to Wednesday 20th the voting procedure for the elections of the French Consular Counsellors takes place online. Also on Sunday May 25th elections are held at the French Embassy in Berlin, and at other embassies all over the world.

In total, all over the world 443 Counsellors will be directly elected for a six years mandate, and will form an electoral college electing the Senators for the abroad living French. Depending on the size of the Consular constituency, the number of elected councillors varies between one and nine.

The Consular Counsellors are aimed at representing the rights and interests of the abroad living French citizens within embassies and consulates. They will be part of a Consular Council meeting at least twice a year to discuss topics such as Education, Social Aid Funds and Employment concerning the abroad living French citizens, thus participate in the elaboration and monitoring of the policies aimed at them.

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