Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry Strengthens Economic Relations in Germany

Ambassador Mejía-Delmau meets with investors, politicians and professors in Aachen

March 15th, 2019
Lance Bradley, News from Berlin
20190315_Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry.jpg

Ecuador’s Ambassador to Germany, H. E. Amb. Manuel Mejía-Delmau, met with German businessmen and University leaders to discuss and improve the South American Nation’s economic interest in the heart of Europe.

Between March 7th and 9th, the honorary Ambassador of Ecuador to Germany H. E. Amb. Mejía-Delmau met with various personalities in Aachen with the intentions of improving Ecuador’s place in the European market – both for people and goods.

H. E. Amb. Mejía-Delmau met an array of people in the city: the Mayor of Aachen, Marcel Philipp, the rector of the Technical University of Aachen, Ulrich Rüdiger, Honorary Council of Ecuador, Michael Wirtz, President of Chamber of Commerce, Wolfgang Mainz, Honorary Council of Belgium Prince Charles-Louis de Merode, and the director of the company Grünenthal’s Ecuador and Chile Departments, Reiner Mees.

Discussions in Aachen were diverse, but sources say the main goal for Mejía-Delmau was to improve and strengthen bilateral relations with German investors and businessmen.


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