“Echoes of the South Atlantic” Conference

Relations between Africa, South America and Europe so far

July 11th, 2019
Giorgia Calabrese, News from Berlin
20190711_Echoes of the South Atlantic.jpg

On 10th and 11th July 2019, Berlin will host, as part of the annual Wassermusik series at HKW, a conference concerning the future of South Atlantic relationship and EU’s stance.

The event, organised by “Goethe-Institut” along with the “Haus der Kulturen der Welt”, foresees sixteen artists from Africa, South America and Europe  who will present cultural projects related to the way in which these three continents are related one to another; among these artists, Paul Gilroy, Felwine Sarr and Nanette Snoep will focus on the importance of peaceful cooperation between them, highlighting possible scenarios for multicultural dialogue.

Such a meeting provides a stage for a fruitful exchange of visions and ideas, aiming at the enhancement and valorisation of relations between countries; moreover, it focuses on Europe’s possible future role as mediator and dialogue partner, in order to foster international understanding and collaboration.


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