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Dutch Design: Experimental, Playful and Light

Special Exhibition in Cooperation with the Dutch Embassy at Blickfang fair in Munich 2015

March 16th, 2015

Between March 13th and15th, the Netherlands presented one of their main cultural export products at the Blickfang German design fair in Munich. Dutch Design is world-famous for its simplicity, playfulness and reuse of old materials. During the fair, people had the opportunity to see, feel, use and of course buy the various objects on display. From lamps to cupboards, jewelry to dining tables, Dutch Design comes in every possible form. In cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in Berlin, the nation’s best designs and designers are now on display at the event in Berlin.

The Netherlands play an important role in European design. According to the New York Times, the country houses one of the best design academies in the world, and offers many more study opportunities in the field of industrial design, creative development and sustainable technology than anywhere else. The Dutch creative sector thrives across all its cities, including Amsterdam, Delft and Eindhoven. Minimalist, sustainable and often comedic design features at the Blickfang Design Fair, and it is these characteristics that make up the core aspects that symbolizes Dutch Design today. This season’s Blickfang curator is the Dutch designer’s duo Scholten & Baijens – more proof of the Netherland’s authority in the field.

Since 2014, the Dutch Embassy has enabled five Dutch designers to present their works on a special show at Blickfang in the field of furniture, fashion and jewelry. Dutch Design is an important part of the Netherland’s worldwide reputation. That is why the Dutch Embassy is thrilled to support its country’s citizens in finding an international audience for their work. As well as embracing this opportunity for nation branding, the embassy hopes it will serve as a catalyst for the designer’s success. At the Blickfang fair, they get to explore both creative and financial opportunities, as well as broadening their international network.

If you are interested in experiencing the quality of Dutch Design, Blickfang will be in Stuttgart on March 20th-22nd.


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