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Dutch Ambassador Visits German Armed Forces

July 08th, 2014
Dutch Ambassador German Bundeswehr.jpg

News from Berlin - The Dutch Ambassador Monique van Daalen visited the German armed forces in Potsdam yesterday. Van Daalen was invited by the operations command team of the armed forces and the visit was hosted by Lieutnant-General Hans-Werner Fritz.

All missions of the German armed forces are usually planned and carried out by the operations command team that Monique van Daalen visited. Lieutenant-General Fritz informed van Gallan about the headquarter and also updated her on the current situation in the fields of operations, such as the anti-piracy missions and the missions in Afghanistan and Mali.

The Dutch and German armed forces have been working together closely for a very long time. There has been a multinational formation consisting of units from both the Royal Dutch Army and German Army since 1995 and last month a unit of the Dutch airborne unit has been integrated into the German defence division for aircraft.

The bond between the Netherlands and Germany reaches far back to the past and the two countries are especially close. Both countries resemble each other in a lot of ways, but not all of them. Germany is the most important trading partner and at the same time the most important sales market for Dutch products. The visit by Dutch Ambassador Monque van Dallen also manages to emphasize the amiable relationship between the Dutch and German armed forces.

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