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Dubl Trubl to Bring Street Artists Closer to Berlin

September 18th, 2014

News from Berlin – Why are pictures inside galleries being commonly perceived as art and those outside galleries – often better ones – as vandalism? Though the position of street art has changed significantly in recent years, it still an ongoing process. Street art is evolving quickly and even older generations are starting to distinguish street art from vandalism; social and political commentaries or images, distinguished from the every-day, meaningless fumes of criminals.

Berlin, just after New York, Val Paraiso or Bethlehem, is one of the most famous cities for street artist. It is here where artists such as El Bocho, XOOOOX, Evol and Banksy have left their mark. Street art in Berlin goes further than just simple graffitti; it is a political, sociological and cultural layer of society.

In the upcoming days we will have the occasion to admire street art in Berlin. On September the 18th, the international street crew, Dubl Trubl, will kick off the “Ich bin in Berlin” street art show, where graffiti artists collaborate on artworks and present them in Urban Spree, next to Revaler Straße 99. Dubl Trubl invited over eighty artists from different countries to perform in this show. The event is open to the public, is free of charge, and will last until 26th of October.

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