DokuMontag: The Limits of Work

The Czech Center in Berlin presented a documentary movie about the poor working conditions in the Czech Republic

December 17th, 2018
Andrea Kacirova, News from Berlin

Journalist Sasha Uhlová, in the documentary The Limits of Work, experienced the worst jobs in the Czech Republic to point to work conditions that are far beyond the reasonable boundaries.

Almost 1/5 of the Czech population works for less than 83 crowns per hour. There is a specific label for them: the working poor. Sasha Uhlová, in the documentary of Apolina Rychliková, goes to various places in the Czech Republic to study poorly paid work to describe the working conditions in the current Czech Republic. She worked for a month in a hospital laundry room, a poultry house, a supermarket checkout, and weeks at brigades - a yacht and a garbage bin.

Everything was recorded in a hidden camera she had hidden in her glasses but was also accompanied by a film crew headed by director Apolina Rychlikova, who captured Uhlova outside of the working hours. In the documentary, thanks to the staff, Sasha Uhl's personal path, her work-out, team change, and separation from the family is all portrayed.

The combination of the recorded materials and the Czech Journal of Documentary Cycle produced the film called “The Limits of Work.” At the International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava, 2017, the film won the award for Best Czech Documentary of the Year and also the Audience Award.


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