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DOKOREA 2016 - Korean Documentary Film Festival

The first Korean documentary film festival in Berlin is about to take place from September 16th to 19th

September 12th, 2016
Min-ni Wu, News from Berlin
The Korean Culture Center is holding the First Korean Documentary Film Festival “DOKOREA 2016—Ten Thousand Spirits” in Berlin, to present South Korea’s culture and art to the public in Germany. From September 16th to 19th, 8 different documentary films will be displayed in Babylon Cinema.

The name of the festival “Ten Thousand Sprit” comes from the Korean film “MANSHIN: Ten Thousand Spirits” which is one of the displaying films. Telling a story of a famous female shaman Kim Keum-hwa (born 1931), the film presents traditional Korean culture and the history of Korean society in a fantasy style and views modern-day Korea through the eye of her.

The films being shown include: MANSHIN: Ten Thousand Spirits 만신, My Love Do Not Cross That River 님아 그 강 을 건너지 마오, With or Without You 춘희 막이, My Fair Wedding 마이 페어 웨딩, On The Road 길 위에서, Twin Roosters 트윈스 터즈, Hello 안녕 하세요, and Reach For The Sky 공부 의 나라. Each of them tells different stories of Korean culture, love, history, music and daily lives. The films are displayed in Korean language with English subtitles.

Aside from displaying the films, the audiences have the opportunity to talk with Jin Moyeong, the director of film “My Love Do Not Cross That River” after the screening. The German Shaman Adreas Kalff-Cordero, the first European who engaged in South Korean shamanism, is also invited to have a conversation with the audience, exchanging ideas and Korean culture with them.

The Korean Culture Center is the cultural department of the Korean Embassy in Berlin, which has been making efforts to promote Korean culture and enhance cultural exchanges between Korea and Germany.


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