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Documentary ‘My Love, Don't Cross That River’ at Korean Cultural Center

The Korean Cultural Center in Berlin aired a local documentary to promote cultural exchange

August 15th, 2016
Min-ni Wu, News from Berlin

On August 6th, the Korean Cultural Center Berlin played a touching documentary film ‘My Love, Don’t Cross the River’ (2014) at KOKU Kino in Berlin to promote cultural exchange from South Korea. Directed by Jin Mo-young, the film follows the incredible love story of the elderly couple Jo Byeong-man and Kang Kye-yeol until the end of their 76-year marriage.

Filmed at the mountain village where the elderly beloved couple lived for 15 months, the documentary records the love story between Jo (98 years old, husband) and Kang (89 years old, wife). The couple spent their everyday of the lif together in the mountain nearby a river in Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province. The film captures the sincere and sweet love of humanity and also witnesses the fragility of life when the couple faced the final sad goodbye.

The life and death story touched the heart of the audience and won the Audience Award at the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival when it premiered in 2013. After its release in 2014 in Korean theaters, it became one of the bestselling independent films in Korean history. The film was screened in Korean with English subtitles.

The cultural department of the Korean embassy in Germany, hosts several cultural events including concerts, film screening, and festivals to workshops and language courses. It aims to serve as a communication bridge between South Korea and Germany, enhancing cultural exchange.


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