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Discover Ireland Poetry Reading and Photographic Exhibition

Rainer Thielmann presents poems and photographs of Ireland’s landscapes on 14th November

November 13th, 2016
Roberta Capelluti, News from Berlin

On 14th November 2016, the poet Rainer Thielmann will read poems entitled ‘Ireland by inside’ showing photographs of Irish landscapes and singing some of his songs. His Excellency Ambassador Michael Collins, Ambassador of Ireland to Germany, will be present at the event.

Rainer Thielmann was born in Hagen in the North-Westfalia in 1965. He is a passionate poet and has also been a photographer since his childhood. One of his first publications was in 2003 with the launch of ‘Indien von Innen’, a series of photographs and poems inspired by the wonders of India. He is also an active singer and was invited to speak at the Goethe Institut and in the German Embassy in Australia.

Rainer Thielmann describes Ireland and its landscapes through poems and photographs focussing on the earth, the people who live there, its culture and history. He displays more than 280 beautiful photographs portraying the Irish landscapes and 70 poems where the beauty of these places become visible.

The poems, which are great masterpieces, evoke curiosity in the audience, inviting them to discover the wonderful places which are reflected in every word.

Thielmann wrote these poems after a trip to Ireland, where he was enchanted not only by the beauty of its landscapes, but also by its history and culture. What he experienced during his visit to the island gave him the inspiration to write these beautiful poems.

This event allows a wide audience to discover Irish culture through photography and poetry. The poet wants to convey to his audience the same emotions that he experienced during his trip.