“Die Grenze”: The Foyer Exhibition At The Australian Embassy

The successful exhibition, taking place in Berlin, got extended until the end of August

July 16th, 2015
20180716_DIE GRENZE.jpg

Composed, assembled and curated by artist Monica Levy, the exhibition “Border Country – Die Grenze” has proven to be a successful event for the Australian embassy in Germany. Indeed, the show got extended and will now be available from the 29th June to the 31st of August 2018.

Monica Levy is a Berlin-based Australian artist, originally from Sydney, with both French and German origins. Known for painting with her whole body, her work frequently deals with the themes of intimacy, spirituality, personal growth and femininity. Her growing body of work led her to worldwide recognition, as her work has been purchased in various private collection (both Australian and European) and by the Deutsche Bank Collection.

The current exhibition at the Australian embassy is titled “Border Country – Die Grenze”. It involves a series of paintings, all acrylic, and consisting of pigments on canvases. It reflects Levy’s period of personal transition, and the inspiration for the work is the struggles of fear and anxiety, with the ultimate aim of transforming pain into beauty.

The work however, aims at digging even deeper, as a symbol of the refugee experience in Europe (together with her own personal history). This is done by intersecting the personal experiences of Refugees in Europe with the personal stories and anecdotes of aboriginal populations in Australia, through the use of maps of internal landscapes. This concept dates back to the ancient Australian indigenous tradition of plotting and jotting down the physical together with the metaphysical environments. 

Not the first of its kind, the initiative proves to be an effective way of spreading and establishing culture through diplomacy, giving a platform for young artists to expose their work and for the flourishment of cross-national cultural relations.

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