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Deutsche Bank Helping Young People from Non-Academic Backgrounds to Move Towards Studying at University

STUDIENKOMPASS Program is Part of the Youth Engagement Project of Deutsche Bank which Works with Young People All Over the World

February 23rd, 2016

Set up by the Deutsche bank Foundation in 2007, the STUDIENKOMPASS or Compass of Studies project aims to educate young people from more non-academic backgrounds on what their educational opportunities are and aids them in planning their future careers.

Research shows that young peoples educational opportunities in Germany are impacted upon by their familial background, whether their parents went to university may impact whether they do or if they come from immigrant families this may also affect the educational path that they take. For these reasons the aim of the STUDIENKOMPASS project is to try and reduce or overcome these influences and ensure that everyone, no matter from which background they come has access to the same educational opportunities. 

The STUDIENKOMPASS program is currently running in thirty regions across Germany. The young people who are supported by the program receive support for three years in the run up to university. Current employees at Deutsche Bank also provide mentorship to the young adults and provide them with advice and share experiences from their own study and work time.

During the three year support program, the participants meet regularly in their regions and are asked at the start to express their goals, then the workshops are tailored to these goals where lecturers provide information on relevant courses, universities and options for financing studies. The participants were also provided with the opportunity to visit universities and speak with other students and professors and ask them questions. The results of the program are positive with 95% of participants going on to start a University degree course 

The STUDIENKOMPASS program is part of a larger project called “Born to Be” which was set up by the Deutsch Bank Foundation to provide support and equal opportunities to young people all over the world. The STUDIENKOMPASS program is one of the projects going on in Germany but there are also many other ones taking place in other countries around the world.


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