“Der Geschmack von Schnee”

Exhibition by Luxembourg Artist Arny Schmit at the Janinebeangallery in Berlin

February 06th, 2019
Anastasia Petrova, News from Berlin
20190206_Der Geschmack von Schnee.jpg

Source of the picture: Arny Schmit (janinebeangallery)

Arny Schmit, a 59-year-old contemporary artist from Luxembourg will exhibit his works at the Janinebeangallery in Berlin under the title “The taste of snow”. The exhibition will last until April 13th. The collection presented at the gallery features the woods, fields, valleys, rivers and lakes painted with textured brush and spatula strokes. Arny Schmit, inspired by impressionism, depicts women in a beautiful, but yet fragile way. The beauty of his women contrasts with their loneliness and sadness.

As the gallery describes the exhibition, Schmit’s works provide insight into wild, monochrome landscapes, with individual and overgrown remains of civilization, such as bridges or wooden huts. Dark forest and plant growth towers above the few silhouettes of sky and dominates the picture surfaces.  The depictions of plants and trees in the paintings take up almost the entire canvas, making it seem chaotic and overpowering. However, these ornamental structures are a nod to earlier works by Arny Schmit.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Berlin and the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg. It is a great way to promote Luxembourgish culture and gives observers an insight into Luxembourgish art scene. The opening takes place at Janinebeangallery on 22nd February at 6 pm. 


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