Decriminalization of the LGBTI in Berlin

Promoting human rights and collaboration through the US campaign

August 02nd, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190802_Decriminalization of the LGBTI in Berlin.jpg

The U.S. Embassy organized a conference with multinational presence seeking collaboration and network construction among young professionals and newcomers in Berlin.

A panel discussion on the decriminalization of LGBTI status was hosted on July 26 at the U.S. Embassy, in honor of Berlin Pride and Christopher Street Day.  Ambassador Grenell was the moderator of the panel, and among the panelists we may find multicultural participants from all over the world: LEGABIBO Advocacy Officer Caine Youngman from Botswana, Co-Organizer of Tbilisi Pride Mariam Kvaratskhelia from Georgia, Beirut Pride Organizer Hadi Damien from Lebanon, Founder of International Women in Power Hourvash Pourkian from Germany and Iran, and Harvey Milk Foundation Co-Founder and President Stuart Milk. The topics that were emphasized most by the panelists due to its significance for the theme and one of the most concerned current issue were the importance of understanding local culture and laws, as well as the need to build broad cooperation with the business community, politicians, and other collectives who might make the impact on the current situation and other marginalized communities to advance decriminalization initiatives.


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