Get a taste of traditional Yemeni coffee, hosted by the Yemeni-German Association in Berlin and Brandenburg

September 29th, 2022
Emily Ball, News from Berlin
20220922_DAY OF YEMENI.jpg

Emergent as a collaboration between the Yemeni-German Association in Berlin and Brandenburg and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Day of Yemeni Coffee promises to be a fascinating insight into Yemeni culture.

On Saturday 1st October 2022, guests are invited to meet at the historic Rosenhöfe on Rosenthaler Straße for the first Yemeni coffee day in Germany.

There is the opportunity to taste Yemeni coffee, imported and roasted by local businesses in Berlin, alongside walking through a poster exhibition to learn more about Yemen, its rich coffee traditions, and the challenges they face surrounding sustainable development. Furthermore, the coffee will be accompanied by live Yemeni music, finger food and relaxation in a traditional Yemeni Diwan.

Coffee plays an important role in Yemeni culture and economy and has been exported for almost 500 years, and alongside Ethiopia, Yemen is credited with the birth of coffee, alongside accompanying legends, myths, and origin stories. It is stated that while coffee originated in Ethiopia, coffee drinking and coffee cultivation originated in Yemen, when Sufi monks would consume coffee to fuel nightlong meditations. Yemen also had a global monopoly upon coffee in the 18th century, and it was the country’s most lucrative export.

Guests will also be able to gain a deeper insight into Yemeni culture and the Yemeni presence in Germany through 15-minute expert talks. At the event, the delicious hot beverage will act as the vehicle for cross-cultural exchange and diplomacy through taste and smell.


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