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Danish Embassy to Showcase Danish Director Nils Malmros

The Arsenal Cinema in Berlin, with support from the Embassy of Denmark, is to show a series of films by the Celebrated Director Nils Malmros

October 02nd, 2015
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Making films in order to better understand life: that is the mission of Danish film director Nils Malmros, born in Århus in 1944. Over the last four decades he has produced a very personal selection of works. Aside from producing works about experiences he associates with, Malmros’ films focus on similar themes. Childhood and adolescence, love, jealousy and the hardship of the transition from adolescence to adulthood make up some of his palette of emotions, which he uses to subtly convey his concern. Most of his films are directed in Århus because of his personal connection to the city and the people who live there. His characters tend to be bourgeois liberals who are cast in everyday situations, but the beauty is all the more emphatic if the films are followed in sequence.

Nils Malmros has never been associated with a particular school but his autonomy has made his works timeless. He has won numerous awards and his works were even discussed within the Danish parliament.

From 9th October, the Arsenal Cinema in Berlin, in cooperation with the Danish Embassy, will be showing a selection of works along with discussions with the film maker himself. The event will continue throughout the month until 30th October, during which time all ten of his feature-length films will be shown. These include Tree of Knowledge (1981), which is in the top 100 films listed by the Danish Film Institute, and the critically acclaimed Beauty and the Beast (1983).

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