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Daimler supports C/O BERLIN TEENS

“Improving access to education is one of the most lasting investments you can make, for society and for our company”- Daimler Financial Services

June 10th, 2016

Since early 2011, Daimler Financial Services has been sponsoring the C/O Berlin Teens cul-tural education program in which young people become acquainted with different forms of visual media including photography and motion pictures. Under professional conditions, young people are given the opportunity to try their hand in this field. In teams, the young-sters discover cultural diversity as a creative potential, develop ideas together and imple-ment them with the help of educationists and artists.

Daimler engineers, teachers, technical experts and representatives from the textbook publisher Klett MINT are all specialists working to develop technical and practical teaching material on vehicle technologies for Genius. The main areas of focus are technology, safety engineering and design & aerodynamics. Genius offers technology courses for teachers complementing the teaching material. At practical workshops and presentations, elementary and secondary level I teachers are given information on current vehicle developments as well as guidance on how to incorporate the teaching materials into their lessons. They are also able to share ideas with experts and peers.

Extracurricular Genius learning centers round off the range of services for schools. Teachers can supplement their lessons with a fun activity questionnaire or technology workshop and get their classes excited about STEM subjects. Schools benefit from being able to provide up-to-the-minute, hands-on teaching, and the collaboration gives schoolchildren a better preparation for their future working life.

The project further proves beneficial for young people. Teenagers can learn how to deal with money successfully in the Plus/Minus seminars offered by Daimler Financial Services. As well, participants can learn how to build up equity, and reduce or avoid debt even with small incomes. In the U.S. the Group supports the volunteer initiative Beyond Basics, which actively enhances the literacy and communication skills of disadvantaged young people. This initiative also focuses on topics like assertiveness, self-esteem, and respectful, productive teamwork.

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