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Czech Innovation Festival in Berlin

The Czech Innovation Festival as the Czech Republic’s initiative to demonstrate the possibilities in the field of science, innovation and research will be hold 9-11 June 2016

May 30th, 2016

Do you know which is the only country in European Union where a local search engine is more successful than Google? And which country is home to two of five world’s biggest antivirus software companies? Where does the word ROBOT come from? The Czech Innovation Festival is the Czech Republic’s showcase in the field of science, research and innovation. It is organised by the Czech Embassy in Germany and Czech centre Berlin.

The Innovation Festival focuses on innovations in range of ICT, mobile apps, Internet, digitalisation and industry 4.0. Main partners are the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at the Technical University Prague and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, which will present a brand new support programme for the Czech-German projects at the CIF, and on the German side for example Berlin Partner for Business and Technology.

Czech and German partners will discuss wide range of different topics from the field. The programme is full of interesting presentations by leading professors and specialists in the field of Technology. Part of the Thursday’s programme is a panel discussion, focusing among others on a possible field for German-Czech Collaboration. On the second day of the CIF, there is the possibility to attend a pitch of Czech digital star-ups that already achieved their first breakthroughs, which will end up with Award Ceremony in evening hours.


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Veronika Mecnarowská, Berlin Global