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Cypriot Spring Festival: Building Cultural Bridges Through Art, Poetry and Dance

April 03rd, 2014
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News from Berlin - The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Berlin is organizing the Cyprus Spring Festival, held in Munich from March 23rd to April 12th. The annual festival features artistic and cultural events focused on bringing Cypriot culture to Germany, whilst also fostering cultural exchanges between artists of different nationalities. A photo exhibition running throughout the festival, titled “PhOETRY: When Words Become Images”, displays photographic work taking inspiration from Cypriot poets to produce a dialogue between the two arts of poetry and photography. Over 500 images from Cypriot, German and Greek photographers were submitted to the Cypriot Embassy, with 19 images displayed from nine photographers. Furthermore, the display includes a video installation titled “Poetry is the Window to an Imaginary Reality” by artist Georgios Kalogeropoulos, transforming the reality of poet George Christodoulides into imagery and visual symbolism.

The festival opened with “Nicosia Blues”, an alternative and world music performance featuring Stavros Lantsias on piano and Petros Klampanis on double bass. The convergence of Lantsias’ cinematic composition and Klampanis’ virtuosity create a worldly musical experience rich in timbre and dynamics. Another musical performance of the festival, titled “Echo of Silence”, featured Cypriot saxophonist Yiannis Miralis, Israeli pianist Michael Tsalka and Greek violinist Miltiades Papastamou. The trio performed original works from Cypriot and European composers, creating a nexus of tradition and modernity and with an accomplished variety of sound combinations. Furthermore, the performance displayed an impressive fusion of classical music alongside jazz, pop and folk.

“Narziss” will premiere tomorrow April 4th, a dance theatre performance featuring George Rodosthenous as stage director and Michalis Christodoulou as live illustrator. Inspired by Plato’s “Symposium” and Narcissus, a character of Greek mythology, the performance is a visual analysis of narcissistic behavior and modern addictions. The festival is located at the Gasteig cultural center in Munich from March 23rd to April 12th. For more information please visit

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