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“Cypriot Miniatures”

The Embassy of Cyprus is organizing the “Cypriot Miniatures” a series of artistic events

June 20th, 2017
Berlin Global Team, News from Berlin
2017_06_20 Cyprus Miniatures.jpg

The fifth event of the “Cypriot Miniatures” is a photographic exhibition of Susanna Kraus and Michalis Papamichael's project called "All in One." Susanna was originally and actress, but later turned to the field of photography. Michalis studied fine arts in Munich, but later moved to his home country of Cyprus. Both artists joined forces using a special photographic stile called IMAGO.

The “Cypriot Miniatures” is a series of events that have been taking place since the 2013. They consist of artistic events such as: classical and contemporary concerts, exhibitions and performances with traditional or experimental concepts. The whole framework is organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, more precisely by The Cypriot Department of Culture, which has a respectable tradition of cultural diplomacy work for over fifty-six years. The events are hosted in different locations all over Berlin and they reflect the rich cultural heritage of Cypriot artists.

The project »All in One« is a part of IMAGOgram technology, which could simply be called a spiritual rebirth of photography. Each step of its development is very artistic. The pictures are taken with IMAGO camera, which uses a three-sided reflection. The norm is an uncompromising black and white instead of a dull rush of colour. The analogue process celebrates the magic of the moment. No manipulations or repetition, no usage of variability of digital enhancement. The IMAGO is an answer to the flood of low quality pictures, which are happening now in the era of mobile phones and other such devices.

The project of Susanna Kraus and Michalis Papamichael explores the human experience of body, space, the interior and the exterior. The project deals with various dualistic border questions: time, light and shadow, being joined or being seperated. The photographic work reveals a phenomenon of the limitation; through crossings and shifts, through different photographic techniques and also through the individual body language of the model. In the photographs, both bodies and spaces are made visible, but also morphed at the same time. It exposes interpersonal and subjective structures of power and impotence, strength and weakness, equality and inequality. Susanna and Michail’s concepts lie in the visualization of such contrasts.

The inauguration of the exhibition starts on the evening of Thursday, June 22nd at the IMAGO Camera photo gallery in Moritzplatz. The exhibition will be open till the 25th of June.


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