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Culture & Heritage in a Digital World Conference

Germany works together to discuss cultural heritage

May 07th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin

The UK- German Connection is holding a Youth Conference about “Culture & Heritage in a Digital World” in Berlin from 15th to 17th of June.

Culture has always been an important topic in Europe. This year, the European Union declared that 2018 is the Year of Cultural Heritage. Cultural heritage encompass a wide range of areas such as architecture, literature, history, music, art, food, film, museums, natural landscapes and monuments. The conference intends to explore culture and identity with young people from UK and Germany. The event focuses on young audiences because they will be the generation determining what cultural heritage is and its role in the future.

The event is organized by the UK-German Connection in a collaboration with the British Council Germany. The conference will organize some activities for the participants such as:

  • visit and experience significant cultural heritage sites in Berlin
  • explore the topics of remembrance, controversial and industrial heritage in groups and with experts
  • discuss what local and regional identity means by engaging with and presenting the participants thoughts to peers from both Germany and the UK
  • take a closer look at how Digitization shapes the understanding of heritage.

Over the course of the conference, participants will be producing a short professional film that should be focused on the youth perspective of cultural heritage. This is a great examples of digital heritage.

In case a person is interested in this topic, but she or her doesn’t fit the criteria to apply for this youth conference, there will be an another conference for students and young professionals on 19-22 June in Berlin as well. The focus of the “The Future is Heritage” is on students, practitioners and professionals with the aim to exchange knowledge.

To sum up, discussing the strategies to protect cultural heritage is a real concern for European countries and to the society. The conferences aimed at different audiences are important to bring awareness and spread this topic to the society.


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