Culture at the Heart of the United Arab Emirates’ Policy

The promotion of Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum and the Indů Temple as symbols of alliance and understanding

October 07th, 2019
Elisabetta Quinzanini, News from Berlin
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United Arab Emirates are investing a large amount of money in education, medicine, art and music as a new type of cultural diplomacy.

Cultural diplomacy has been institutionalized within the foreign policy of the Emirates. In fact, in July 2018, the federation established the Office for Public and Cultural Diplomacy, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Cultural diplomacy will be included in the diplomatic training to incorporate it into every embassy and mission. It is no coincidence that many international alliances of the United Arab Emirates have a recognizable and growing cultural dimension, as in the case of partnerships with France and India. Their new relation underlines and reveals the role of cultural symbols in bilateral alliances.

The Abu Dhabi Louvre, created by the French architect Jean Nouvel, in 2017, is significant because it strengthens relations with France. In fact, since 2016, a section of the Louvre in Paris has housed the Shaykh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan Centre, which describes the history of the founder of the United Arab Emirates and his role in cultural and artistic progress. Moreover, the museum contributes to the consolidation of the national self-awareness of the Emirates by spreading knowledge (both abroad and at home) on the roots and symbols of the United Arab Emirates.

The Indů Temple in Dubai underlines a new relation with India, based on understanding and support. The temple is 55,000 square meters and is characterized by its intricate architecture and delicate carvings that express ancient stories from Indian writings on peace and spirituality.


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