Cultural Diplomacy is Important in the New Technological Revolution

Meeting between the Foreign Minister of Finland and the General Secretary of the European Council

February 22nd, 2019
Julia Bohlin, News from Berlin
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Timo Soini and the General Secretary of the European Council Thorbjørn Jagland will meet in Helsinki to discuss international issues such as Russian´s right to vote. In addition to this, they will also attend a conference on artificial intelligence (AI) that will be held in the Finlandia Hall, Helsinki.

We are now facing another technological revolution where artificial intelligence affects individuals on a lot of different levels, including work, culture and daily life. To prepare for this, we have to examine and discuss how AI´s interference with society will affect us, which is what the AI Conference will do.

The Conference will discuss how Human Rights, laws and democracy get influenced and affected by AI. Further, the conference will bring together experts from governments, international organizations, civil society and so on, to all engage in critical and inclusive discussions about AI. The Conference will be held on the 26th to 27th of February and is hosted by the Finnish Presidency of the European Council. Minister Soini and the General Secretary Jagland will both speak at the start of the Conference.

Discussions about the new technological era, AI and globalization are necessary to prepare for a new kind of communication where we are more depending on each other, where we can reach other in no time and where culture is easily spread. This means that cultural diplomacy will play a vital role in society to adapt to a new and closer society for peace building and stability.


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