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Cultural Diplomacy Events at the Italian Embassy to Germany

During the last months of this year, many events were hosted in Berlin at the Italian Embassy to Germany

January 03rd, 2018
Nicolò Cairo, News from Berlin

The Italian Embassy in Berlin and the Italian Cultural Center organized many events during the last three months in order to promote the Italian culture abroad. Just after the month of September, which incuded many events on the opportunities for the Italian youth in Germany, the Italian embassy organized in October an event focused on the recovery of the cultural goods damaged by the earthquakes of last year in Italy.

This has showed the commitment of the Italian authorities to the preservation of the Italian culture heritage after a deep natural disaster. A few weeks after, at the beginning of the month of November, the Italian Cultural Institute organized an event in the embassy regarding the presence of Dante – the famous Italian poet of the Middle age – in the films. During this event, Professor Mirko Tavoni, a professor of Italian linguistic at the Università di Pisa, discussed this interesting issue that focused on the most famous Italian poet.

In the month of November, the Italian embassy hosted another event called “L’Ambasciata incontra… insegnanti ed educatori” in order to help the youth whom are interested in working in the German educational system. This event included the participation of four Italian educators who work in Germany and that discussed their professional and personal experiences in the German educational system. This event shows how the Italian young community considers Germany as a possible destination for their future career.

Also in November, other important events took place: the first one was the “Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo” (the week of the Italian  cuisine in the world) that included an event at the Italian Embassy on the 23rd of November. During the event, Italian regional cuisines were presented. A few days later, the “8th Jazz Festival” was hosted at the Italian Cultural Institute between the 23rd and the 26th of November.

These events witnessed the deep commitment of the Italian embassy in Germany to promote a positive Italian cultural image abroad. At the same time, those events showed also the educational cooperation between these two countries, as in the case of the event “L’Ambasciata incontra… insegnanti ed educatori”.


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