Cultural Diplomacy as a Tool for Envisaging EU’s Future

The German and Danish Foreign Ministers have a special year ahead: German-Danish Cultural Year 2020

March 13th, 2019
Martta Tenhu, News from Berlin
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The close cultural ties between Germany and Denmark have existed for centuries. Art, literature and music from Germany are very popular in Denmark. Germany is also a cultural magnet for Danish visitors. Berlin in particular is a favorite with Denmark’s culture professionals and Danish are a valuable addition to the city’s cultural scene. Denmark and Germany have a special year ahead: in November the two countries will open the exhibition “Germany – Memories of a Nation” at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

According to the cultural connection, the two Foreign Ministers will act as patrons. German-Danish Cultural Year of Friendship in 2020 will start the anniversary year. Foreign Ministers Heiko Maas and Anders Samuelson have the aim of developing reform ideas to strengthen the EU, which will appeal to citizens.

This anniversary year with many additional cultural and exchange programs is intended to recall the referendums on the drawing of today’s border between the two countries. Today, Denmark and Germany share many values when it comes to their understanding of democracy, freedom of opinion and of religion as well as the protection of minorities.


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