Culinary Korea

Tradition meets fascination at culinary night hosted by the Korean Embassy

January 22nd, 2019
Lisa Zenke, News from Berlin
20190122_Culinary Korea.jpg

Organized and hosted by the Korean Embassy in Berlin, the culinary night is aimed to offer the audience an exploration of the Korean culinary arts and to emphasize the potential for transcultural exchange.

The event "Culinary Korea" was organized on December 5, 2018, by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. The Ambassador, Dr. Jung, Bumgoo, spoke in his welcome speech of the harmony and balance of Korean cuisine.

The aim of this event was to present the taste and peculiarity of traditional Korean cuisine in Germany. Chef Kim Hansong, who specializes in Korean food in New York, was invited. Traditional Korean dishes such as Dangunshinhwajun and Tteokgalbi were served with gondrae rice that night.

More than 60 guests, representatives of politics, economics, science and media took part in this event. These included the former East German Prime Minister Hans Modrow, the former member of the German Bundestag Markus Meckel and journalist of "Die Welt" Michael Schütter.


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