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Cuban Art Exhibition was Inaugurated in Rostock

The Exhibition "Kuba Libre" Begins with More than 63 Cuban Artists

May 17th, 2016

On May the 5th, 2016, the exhibition of Cuban art "Kuba Libre" was opened in the gallery Kunsthalle Rostock with the participation of the Cuban Ambassador to Germany, Juan Rene Mujica Cantelar and some hundreds of visitors. The exhibition offers a general view of the recent contemporary Cuban art and also has a printed catalog for the public.

The opening ceremony of the event was attended by: the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy Dr. Stefan Rudolph; the Mayor of the Hanseatic City of Rostock, Mr. Roland Methling; the Director of the Kunsthalle Rostock, Dr. Uwe Neumann and the curator, Teresa de Arruda. The exhibition will remain open until the 19th of June 2016, and it is composed of more than 200 works of 63 Cuban artists that includes artics forms such as painting, installation, photography, video, printmaking and performance. This exhibition emerges as a collaboration between the Center Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art, the Photo Library of Cuba, the Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana and several German institutions.

During the inauguration, taking advantage of the presence of artists Reinier Nande, Humberto Diaz, Nelson Ramirez de Arellano Conde, Octavio Irving Hernandez Jimenez, Glauber Ballestero and Susana Delahante Matienzo, whose works are in the exhibition, and the strength and recent achievements of the Cuban culture and the quality of young artists represented in this exhibition was stressed and mentioned, as well as the feelings of friendship and solidarity existing with Cuba and this region, which were also reaffirmed.

In the opening ceremony, the issue of the identity and the role of culture in the course of the struggle for national and social emancipation of the Cuban people was discussed, and Ambassador Mujica stressed the transforming power of the cultural achievements reached with the socialist revolution . The Ambassador described the historical process which has allowed taking a path and to achieve significant achievements in different spheres of society, despite living for decades under policies of isolation, harassment, and economic blockade.


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