Cuba Participates in the Berlin Dialogue on Energy Transition 2023

On the 27th of March 2023, the BETD platform allowed the discussion of concrete actions and cooperation to achieve the agreed climate goals

March 27th, 2023
Sara Loria, News from Berlin
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The Director of National Energy Policy and Strategy of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), Ramses Montes Calzadilla and Ramón López Ramos, Director of Business and International Relations of the Electrical Union (UNE), begin a working visit to Germany to participate in the Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) 2023.

The Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue Conference 2023 (BETD23) hosts high-level officials from governments, business, academia, and civil society to exchange their knowledge and perspectives on a secure, cost-effective, and ethical global energy transition. As in previous years, the meeting will provide a platform to discuss concrete actions, partnerships and cooperation to achieve the agreed climate goals and realize the full potential of a global energy transition.

Since its creation in 2015, the BETD has become one of the world’s most important forums on energy transition. A significant number of senior government representatives, businessmen and scientists from different countries participate in the energy sector. The BETD is held at the invitation of the German Government and is organised jointly with the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE), the German Solar Association (BSW), and the German Energy Agency (dena).

The 2023 edition of the conference took place on March 28th and 29th at the Federal Foreign Office. How can a coordinated, worldwide effort to create a safe, reliable, and mostly autonomous energy supply system be mounted? What part can energy efficiency and renewable energy sources play in establishing a world that is both politically secure and economically successful? These questions have dominated the BETD and the highly anticipated policy talks. Another question on the agenda was the strategic investments required in the field of renewable energy.


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