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CSR Activities of the Porsche AG

The considered use of energy-efficient activities are firmly anchored in Porsche’s corporate strategy

August 30th, 2018
Olena Momotko, News from Berlin
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Porsche, the name of the leading car building company that first comes to your mind when you hear “sports car”. Decades of experience has proven that in order to become successful company, you have to not only create the value for the customer, but also to help the society to develop.

Nowadays, the whole world is struggling to save the environment, so it is no wonder that such an advanced company is trying to do everything possible to keep abreast of development. By creating sustainable logistics transport, Porsche is helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

The sports car manufacturer is transforming its rail logistics transport into a completely carbon neutral process. As a result of this change, Porsche will reduce the annual CO2 emissions of its logistics operations by three percent, avoiding the generation of more than 6,000 tons of climate-damaging carbon dioxide. Being on-board the “green train”, throughout this year, the company plans to further expand its climate-neutral rail transport. “The considered use of resources and environment-oriented, energy-efficient activities are firmly anchored in Porsche’s corporate strategy”, says Oliver Bronder, Vice President Logistics and Production Control at Porsche AG. “The transition to green energy for rail traffic is a logical step and another milestone towards CO2-neutral production.”

Moreover, besides reducing of CO2 emissions, Porsche is making further steps in solving ecological problems by doing essential actions, such as a tree planting campaign. The drinking water forest is just one of the many projects that support Porsche’s claim to set the benchmark in the area of sustainability. In January, the sports car manufacturer converted its production sites in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig to run solely on green energy. The aim is for production to be CO2-neutral. Back in 2016, Porsche worked alongside the city of Stuttgart to develop a mobility concept for its employees. The aim of the concept is to reduce the amount of traffic and the level of dust pollution.

One more interesting example of Porsche´s CSR is a Leipzig “Honey factory”. Porsche has branched out and created a new selection of honey as part of its sustainability program. The initiative is the latest in a series of environmental projects at Porsche Leipzig, which has seen a whole nature reserve grow around its off-road area. Porsche decided to introduce bees to the site because parasites and pesticides and a lack of habitat mean the German bee population is falling, even though the insects are protected under the country’s Federal Nature Conservation Act.

This Environmental Strategy of Porsche not only proves the extensive efforts of German companies to contribute to society in different ways, but it also serves as an incentive for us to persevere tirelessly in these efforts.


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