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Couples & Co: Architectural Exhibition at the Spanish Embassy.

Exhibition Aiming To Offer As Many Interpretations of Recent Spanish Architectural History as Possible

August 12th, 2015

From September 10th through October 27th the Spanish Embassy in Berlin will host Couples & Co: 22 Mirror Stories from Spanish Architects.

The exhibition will allow visitors to uncover the progression of Spanish architecture throughout the 21st century.

The exhibitions studies the change that Spanish Architecture has experienced over the past 16 years, emphasizing the fact that there is a noticeable change in the architectonic style that divides these past years into two different groups.

The exhibition will take place with the support of 22 architectural firms that make up these two different architectural groups. These companies worked together in order to develop the opposite perspectives of the Spanish Architecture. The main objective of this separation is to analyze the different periods through which Spanish Architecture has developed. These two continuous visions turn out to be asymmetric in terms of results and approaches.

The hypothesis that inspired this exhibition focuses on the different generations that have characterized Spanish Architecture. Most recent architectural history can be divided into three different phases, which are each represented by architects of different ages: architects over 50 years old, who have to adapt to the new situation, architects in their 40s, and a third and last generation of architects, namely those under 40, who have not yet had the opportunity to build. The exhibition aims to give an answer to all these change and different generations. On top of all this, the exhibition will allow visitors to analyze the future of architecture, and interpret the situation before and during the economic and social collapse of the first decade of this century.


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