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Copenhagen Fashion Film at Nordic Embassies

Play Nordic and Nordic Embassies bring Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival to Berlin

August 18th, 2016
Ingrida Haringová, News from Berlin
On 17th August the film festival Copenhagen Fashion comes to Berlin thanks to the Nordic Embassies and Play Nordic. It is part of the exhibition NEW NORDIC. FASHION. FOOD. DESIGN and the Nordic Film Club and includes not only movies but audience discussion as well.

The idea behind the movie festival is to introduce a new perspective on fashion and film. It includes questions such as: what is fashion in the film, and from the film? Copenhagen Fashion Film investigates and mediates fashion in a new way, by focusing on the close connections among fashion, film and artistic practices.

Fashion film as a concept is a hybrid that covers several genres. A fashion film can be a film made by a designer, photographer, artist or a brand. It can have fashion as the leading role or as a supporting character. A fashion film showcases garments, designs, and costumes through the medium of film, making fashion an essential part of the visual narrative.

The festival traces the history of fashion and film and illuminates them gradually. It discusses and fosters creative ideas about and behind these movies. The festival showcases both historically and contemporarily interesting fashion films, since the organizers believe that fashion history is an important part of today’s fashion.

One of the main points of the festival program are fashion short films as a modern, aesthetic and experimental format that visualized fashion in an innovative way. The fashion short film has become one of the most important tools in fashion communication today.

The festival's director, Ditte Marie Lund,will introduce the movies and give an opening speech.

The Nordic Film Club is a series by Kulturhaus Berlin e.V. in cooperation with the Nordic embassies. Usually every 2nd Wednesday (autumn to spring) Nordic films are shown in their original version with subtitles.


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