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Cookbook Launched by Swedish Embassy Unites the Cuisines of Nordic Countries

A New Cookbook with 700 Recipes Will Connect the Whole Nordic Region

September 12th, 2016
Ingrida Haringová, News from Berlin
A new Nordic cookbook was launched last week by the Embassy of Sweden. The launch and presentation was part of the current exhibition at the Nordic Embassies, ‘New Nordic. Fashion. Food. Design’.

The cookbook was written by the well-known Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson. He has achieved international acclaim as the star of Restaurant Fäviken, which is among the 25 best restaurants in the world and has been awarded two Michelin stars.

One might think that to write a book about Nordic cuisine is impossible, because it is a too big and heterogeneous region which includes countries as diverse as Finland, Greenland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. Magnus Nilsson has nevertheless done it.

It took Nilsson almost two years to write the book. He travelled around the Nordic countries to collect ancient recipes and exchange tips on preparation methods. Thanks to his extensive research, he was able to learn a lot about the origins and traditions of Nordic cuisine, which he later put it into his book.

The cookbook includes 700 authentic recipes, starting with Nordic classics before moving to lesser-known dishes such as Finnish beef bread. Through the extensive research he put into his book, Magnus Nilsson brings the reader closer to Nordic culture.

The exhibition ‘New Nordic. Fashion. Food. Design’ is on display until 8th October. It is a beautiful mix of everything Nordic, and showcases of a Nordic way of life.


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